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Aboitiz Construction embarks on a new land development project in Batangas

AC New land development project
HELPING BUILD A BETTER FUTURE IN LIMA. Aboitiz Construction was chosen by LIMA Estate for the expansion of land development in LIMA Technology Center. One of the notable projects is the land development for a 72-hectare land which will soon accommodate new business locators in the area.

Early this year, Aboitiz Construction started its project for LIMA which is a land development project on a 72.2 hectare land in LIMA Estate in Batangas. Once completed, this will help accommodate new businesses in the area and generate thousands of job opportunities for local communities.

With a target completion date set for 2025, the project scope includes earthworks, site development, road network, perimeter fence, drainage, waterline, and sewer line works. The project has employed 219 skilled workers during its peak season. This highlights Aboitiz Construction’s commitment to creating employment opportunities and fostering expertise within the local community.

Utilizing advanced technology, Aboitiz Construction has been using Trimble, a cutting-edge GPS-based solution. This technology is poised to elevate construction equipment to a new echelon of efficiency, significantly reducing the need for traditional surveys.

LIMA Estate land development activities
PAVING THE WAY. Aboitiz Construction has been strengthening its brand in light industries, particularly on land development projects. Since last year, it has been a trusted firm of LIMA Estate for land development activities in Batangas.

“Through our expertise and cutting-edge technology, we are set to support LIMA towards its expansion efforts in the said economic zone. As we pursue various projects, we are also fulfilling our purpose of building for business to prosper and communities to thrive. Through the jobs that we create, we help in developing local talents and contributing towards economic growth,” said Aboitiz Construction’s Chief Operating Officer Ramez Sidhom.

As of now, Aboitiz Construction is engaged in six ongoing land development projects in LIMA and has recently been awarded another significant project for a Bulacan-based food company.

Since last year, Aboitiz Construction has been a trusted contractor of LIMA Estate for its site development needs. In fact, the firm is also handling one of the biggest projects in the area which is the industrial expansion of the Estate’s 57-hectare lot at Block 9-2, also utilizing the Trimble technology.

About Aboitiz Construction

Aboitiz Construction is the privately-held construction company of the Aboitiz Group, with over 40 years of nationwide track record in heavy industries, light industries, infrastructure, and industrial maintenance. We build for industries to prosper and for communities to thrive.

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