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Allegations on foreign Chinese students are false


The PHILIPPINE ASSOCIATION OF COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES (PACU), the largest organization of private colleges and universities in the country, with member-schools in Cagayan Province, stands in support of the University of Cagayan Valley, Medical Colleges of Northern Philippines, St. Paul University Philippines, and University of Saint Louis Tuguegarao and their joint statement expressing their concern and offering clarifications regarding recent statements and news articles that appear to undermine and put doubt into the enrollment of foreign-nationals as students.

PACU is alarmed by the false narrative that foreign students are enrolling in Philippine schools with ulterior motives that pose a threat to our national security. As an organization that envisages nation-building through transformative private education, PACU calls the public to be critical of information which may not be rooted in truth.

The different Private Higher Educational Institutions in the country each have their own stringent admission criteria and screening processes in place to ensure the suitability of applicants, whether Filipinos or foreigners. These processes adhere to the regulations of CHED. In fact, prior to earning the privilege to accept foreign students, Private Higher Educational Institutions must demonstrate dutiful compliance with pertinent government regulations and requirements.

While efforts to safeguard our nation’s security is acknowledged, PACU believes that these baseless reports and insinuations discredit and disparage the diligent work put in by these esteemed colleges and universities in building and maintaining their reputation as providers of quality Filipino education. These reports likewise unjustly question the integrity of the Commission on Higher Education and the Bureau of Immigration, whose functions include the processing and supervision of the entry and stay of foreign nationals as students in the country pursuant to the policy of promoting Philippine Education as a brand of excellence in Asia and the Pacific.

With the truth having been clarified by the four higher educational institutions in the Cagayan Province, as confirmed by the CHED, and the Bureau of Immigration, PACU calls for a stop to the spread of any and all baseless insinuations that do more harm than good to the Philippine education industry as a whole.

PACU upholds its commitment to vigilantly protect our national patrimony without sacrificing its mission of being a socially responsible organization. We encourage scrutiny and discernment synonymous with academic practice in tackling issues that are of national interest. We affirm our collective resolve to foster an environment and educational space that is safe and conducive to learning.


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