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Digital advocates urge new PCC head to resolve Grab issues

Digital Pinoys

A network of digital advocates is urging the newly appointed Chairperson of the Philippine Competition Commission to resolve issues surround Grab Philippines.

In a letter to the Chairperson last January 26, Digital Pinoys national campaigner Ronald Gustilo said that the group is hoping that PCC Chairperson Atty. Michael Aguinaldo will finish the implementation of the PCC-imposed refund order.

“The Honorable Commission ordered Grab to issue refunds totaling P24.45 million to overcharged passengers and they were given a deadline to finish issuing the refund until April 2022. However, during the hearings held by the Committee on Metro Manila Development of the House of Representatives, Grab is yet to refund all passengers.”

Gustilo said that by letting Grab operate despite the non-compliance to the order will set a bad precedent for PCC.

” We are humbly urging you to finally resolve the refund order as we see that the delay in the implementation of the refund order is detrimental to the interest of the commuters and will set a bad precedent that erring companies can delay settlement of fines and still operate freely and commit more violations.”

Gustilo added that with its massive war chest, Grab has the capacity to swallow its competitors.

“We have already seen what Grab can do to its competitors. They have already monopolized the Transport Network Vehicle Service (TNVS) industry by eliminating their competitors. It can be recalled that it acquired Uber in 2018 while its other competitors like Owto and the newcomer Joyride car are nowhere near its fleet and customer base. Grab is also the dominant player in the digital parcel delivery service and app-based online food ordering and delivery service.”

Gustilo also urged the Commission to look into the acquisition of Move It by Grab as the deal is a step towards Grab’s monopolization of the digital app-based transportation, food-ordering and logistics service.

“With their backdoor entry into the motorcycle taxi industry via the acquisition of Move It, which we have also questioned in Congress, Grab is already taking steps to make its monopolistic dream a reality, which will be in turn the nightmare of passengers, drivers, delivery riders and other stakeholders.”

Reference: Ronald Gustilo, Digital Pinoys, National Campaigner