Predictions of a possible GPS meltdown on April 6, 2019

March 16, 2019
THOSE who survived the panic caused by the less-trouble-than-expected Y2K or Millennium Bug that was supposed to shut down computers when they tried to move their clocks from 12/31/1999 to 1/1/2000 may scoff at the new April 6, 2019 bug that many predict will wreak havoc with the GPS systems drivers, pilots and many major industries depend on. Those who profited from the Y2K Bug (COBOL and assembler language programmers dragged out of retirement to fix old software) may be upset that no one told them about this one sooner. Those planning a flight or a road excursion on 4/6/2019 may suddenly be considering a postponement. The rest of us are wondering … what the heck is the April 6, 2019 bug?

Urban planning is very important

As cities and communities grow in time, it is essential for cities and towns to be under an office for urban planners for many cities and towns are totally unsupervised and left with a mayor, vice mayor and the city councilors who can at any given time abuse the temptation of making money and corruption once they are in power. The DILG must play an important role.

Settling scores, getting even?

In the meeting called by President Rodrigo Duterte between House and Senate leaders last Wednesday to resolve the issue, Duterte declared two important points. First, he won’t sign a 2019 national budget law with no signature from Senate President Vicente Sotto III, who had made such threat unless the House reverts back to the lump sum nature of the appropriations the congressional leadership decided to “itemize.” Second, the President rejected a suggestion by Sen. Panfilo Lacson that the House revert to the lump sum funds that the bicam passed and just let the President divide its allocation, with the Chief Executive insisting he does not want to be involved in deciding who and which areas in the country should get the funds from the lump sum appropriation since it was the job of the two chambers of Congress to make such allocations and not the President’s.

Tech-voc grads

March 15, 2019
President Duterte, in the view of many, is on the right track in signing Republic Act (RA) No. 11230, which seeks to strengthen the government’s technical-vocational (tech-voc) training program.

Are all of us to blame for water shortage?

It certainly is no joke when faucets remain dry for up to 20 hours a day just like what’s been happening in many areas in the eastern part of Metro Manila and Rizal province. And there are even reports that many households have been waterless for days on end, and even for about a week in some homes.

Imee bats for more women lawmakers

AS the country celebrates the National Women’s Month and yearly takes an active part in the International Women’s Day observance, news reports say that the women sector continues to be under represented in the field of legislation, judging from the current composition of the 17th Congress.

Not the end of the world for Balba

I’m referring to my friend, erstwhile Eastern Police District (EPD) director, Chief Superintendent Bernabe ‘Joel’ Balba of PMA ‘Maringal’ Class of 1988 who was relieved last week following the arrest of one of his anti-narcotics agents and the sacking of 15-man strong EPD District Drug Enforcement Team. For the record, Balba is one of the most hardworking police officials in Metro Manila until his District DEU operatives went astray and caused his relief under the principle of command responsibility.

Philippine National Police Highway Patrol Group’s intelligence-driven operations net 25 most wanted car thieves

AN ongoing intelligence-driven operation by the Philippine National Police Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) has already resulted in the capture of 25 of the country’s most wanted car thieves, said PNP-HPG director, Chief Superintendent Roberto B. Fajardo who expressed confidence the number will further increase as his men continue to track down notorious carnappers, hijackers and highway robbers in their jurisdiction.