Popular piety: The Black Nazarene

LAST Wednesday ( January 9, 2019), we celebrated the annual feast day of the Black Nazarene whereby millions of devotees gathered to celebrate their devotion to the historical and iconic miraculous statue of Jesus Christ carrying his cross. They took part in the spectacular religious procession known locally as the “Traslacion,” during which devotees carry a replica of the statue across Manila.

The first prank calls were surprisingly morbid

January 11, 2019
IT’S 1884. An undertaker sits at his desk at a funeral home in Providence, Rhode Island. Suddenly, his telephone rings, splitting the silence. “Mr. Smith is dead,” gasps the voice on the end of the line. “Please come quickly.” The voice gives an address, and the undertaker rushes out, loads up his tools, and speeds over.

Work at home

January 11, 2019
RA 11165 or An Act Institutionalizing Telecommuting as an Alternative Work Arrangement for Employees in the Private Sector encourages employers to adopt telecommuting - a work arrangement that allows an employee to work from an alternative workplace with the use of telecommunication and/or computer technologies.

The Problems of Manila Bay

January 11, 2019
As far back as in the 1960s, President Ferdinand E. Marcos had foreseen the pollution of our rivers and “esteros” that could someday “kill” the existence of the Laguna Lake in Laguna de Bay. He passed a law, Republic Act 4850, an act creating the Laguna Lake Development Authority for all buildings, restaurants, malls and other commercial establishments, etc… This law dictates that before construction of these establishments, they must first acquire a permit of approval before construction.

Traslacion can be orderly

FUTURE holding of the Traslacion in Manila can be orderly if specific rules are established and observed by the millions of participants of the yearly activity. The apparent lack of guidance for the crowd to follow during the highly-attended religious event paves the way for chaos.

‘Top-to-bottom reshuffle’ ng Bureau of Customs-Customs Intelligence & Investigation Service, napapanahon

Magandang pagkakataon, ex-Phil. Army Vice Commander, MGen. Harold Cabreros, na “napasyal” ulit ako kahapon sa opisina ng IG sa POM. Bukod nga sa “nakalibre” ako sa ‘ice cream,’ muli akong nagkaroon ng pagkakataon na muling “makamayan” ang ‘mistah’ ninyo ni ex-AFP chief at BoC commissioner, Jagger Guerrero, na si Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence, BGen. Raniel Ramiro.

Philippine Airlines well on its way to reach five-star goal

This is the goal which, according to PAL officials led by president and chief operations officer Jaime Bautista, vice president for sales Ryan Uy, senior vice president for airline operations Nicky Gozon, vice president for marketing Ria Domingo, vice president for corporate communications Josen Perez de Tagle and PAL spokesperson Ma. Cielo Villaluna, will definitely be reached by the currently four-star flag carrier as it already put in place several measures toward that end.

Aliens: the “Hybrid Baby” controversy

January 10, 2019
Tales of so-called hybrid children and hybrid babies are well known in the field of Ufology. They are overwhelmingly controversial and, for many, disturbing. Most definitely, there is a greater percentage of female abductees who are said to have had interactions with the hybrids than there are male abductees. Under hypnotic regression, numerous women have reportedly been taken on board a UFO, or, on more than a few occasions, to an underground installation, where they are introduced to the hybrids. In such situations the woman will either be laying on something akin to an operating-room table, or sitting in a chair that resembles a dentist’s chair. It’s then that something remarkable happens – although, admittedly, many might call it utterly terrifying. As the abductee looks on, a group of the black-eyed Grays will approach, with one of them holding in their hands a tiny baby that is clear not entirely human, even though it exhibits certain, physical, human traits. The abductee is then encouraged to take the baby from the Gray and to cradle it. Researchers of the phenomenon have suggested that this procedure is undertaken to try and instill an emotional bond between the abductee and the hybrid. If this all sounds very calm and tranquil, it very often is the precise opposite. All too often, it’s said to be a downright trauma-filled situation.

Rightsizing goods

January 10, 2019
And so, to assure Filipino consumers that the products they buy from groceries or public markets have accurate weight and size, Sen. Grace Poe has called for the setting up of "timbangan (weighing) centers" all over the country.