A great job

March 12, 2019
“I am here to give the most competent and most qualified candidates exposure to present their plans and platform of governance to enable Kapampangans to vote wisely,” said the lady Speaker.

Marauding monsters in South America

March 12, 2019
FROM various parts of South America, including Columbia, Ecuador, and Venezuela, come stories of a massive, mighty, and extremely violent beast known as Mono Grande. One of the most fascinating stories came from Pino Turolla, an archaeologist who traveled the world, Indiana Jones-style, in pursuit of all things mysterious and fabulous. Turolla (who died in 1984 at the early age of sixty-two) was born in Yugoslavia and later immigrated to Canada. Of note, he developed what became known as the Turolla Control-Descent Parachute that was used by the U.S. military. It was while traveling across South America in the 1960s that Turolla first heard of the marauding monster. The information came from Turolla’s personal guide, Antonio, who told a shocking story.

It won’t harm trying

Dr. Abbas Hussain Kazmi of Sheikh Zaid Hospital (city and country not mentioned) stressed that hot coconut water or buko juice as we call it here in our country, can kill cancer cells for “hot coconut water releases an anti-cancer substance, which is the latest advance in effective treatment of cancer in the medical field.” Dr. Abbas Hussain Kazmi further claims that hot coconut juice (or buko juice) “has an effect on cysts and tumors, proven to remedy all types of cancer.”

Obstructive malls

March 11, 2019
Giant shopping malls offer one-stop shop experience under one roof offering a variety of goods and services in controlled temperature, secure premises, and automated or electronic shopping experience for consumers.

Off limits to Reds

March 10, 2019
But once in office, these persons must adhere to all laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to official conduct and proper behavior while on the payroll of the State.

Albayalde, Eleazar need all the help they can get in war vs rogues

I’M saying this amid the reality that the Duterte government’s war on drugs can’t be won as long as there are rogues in uniform, specifically policemen who are directly or indirectly involved in illegal drug trafficking and abuse and other illicit activities to earn money by taking advantage of the bloody crackdown. Thus, the PNP leadership needs all the help they can get from the public and their men in this campaign which won’t end as long as the enemies are within.