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How to track current Bitcoin price


You would have to be living under a rock to not at least know about Bitcoin. As the pioneer cryptocurrency, it sets the trend for the market as a whole. Investors from every realm at least try to keep an eye on Bitcoin and its movement in valuation.

Tracking the current Bitcoin price is a helpful way to understand where the cryptocurrency is currently standing. But there are a few things worth considering before you begin tracking Bitcoin with any type of regularity.

Know the history

It helps to know the history of Bitcoin, the meteoric rises, and the massive falls. Jumping blindly into Bitcoin because it is the most popular form of cryptocurrency is just a recipe for disaster and will cause more stress than anything else.

Do your homework and know the still brief history of Bitcoin. Though it feels like forever, Bitcoin hasn’t even been around for 15 years yet. In that time, it has experienced some frightening drops in price. Life was good when prices were hitting a high of $69,000 but fell to just over $49,000 a short time later.

While a knowledge may not necessarily protect against these drops, it can make weathering that storm a bit easier to tolerate should you decide to invest in the cryptocurrency.

Jumping blindly into Bitcoin because you know that it is popular is a mistake that far too many have made. Have at least a passing knowledge of Bitcoin and you will start off on better footing.

Understand its place in the market

Part of watching and potentially investing in Bitcoin is understanding its current applications. A lot has changed since Bitcoin was created in 2009. Bitcoin has not only become a popular investment, but also a regular form of payment through vendors around the world.

Something with that kind of traction is unlikely to completely bottom out. Other cryptocurrencies have risen and disappeared since. The history of Bitcoin, however, shows that it isn’t going anywhere. It may experience a sharp loss or two but consider it an insulating factor that protects your investment from becoming completely worthless.

Have a good tracker

At the heart of it, tracking the price of Bitcoin ultimately comes down to having the right tools. That means having a tracker that can keep you on top of the changes in Bitcoin price, sometimes down to the minute.

Generally speaking, investors in Bitcoin need to track at least the day-over-day price change. There are Bitcoin day traders but the successful ones are few and far between. A good Bitcoin price tracker can help you follow trends as they develop and perhaps get ahead of it a time or two. Just keep in mind the aforementioned points and don’t let regular movement be a cause for concern.

Have patience

They key to investing in Bitcoin, in general, is to have patience. If you have considered day trading Bitcoin, consider that even market experts fail all the time at predicting the volatility of Bitcoin. You should be in it for the long haul, not as a fly-by-night investment strategy.

When you check your favorite Bitcoin tracker, don’t let emotions get the best of you. Sure, that drop may be concerning, but look at the history of Bitcoin. Huge drops have happened more than a few times with sharp rebounds to follow.

Taking a long-term approach to investing Bitcoin a lot more tolerable. Follow along using your tracker simply to stay informed but leave the emotional reactions to the side. Try to keep calm and remember the advice in this space and you can avoid selling at a low point or cashing out too early.

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