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NOLCOM sharpen troops’ pistol marksmanship skills

Camp Aquino, Tarlac City – Troops from the Northern Luzon Command (NOLCOM) are currently undergoing Pistol Marksmanship Proficiency Enhancement Training, aimed at honing their marksmanship skills and boosting their proficiency on August 9, 2023 up to 4th quarter 2023, at the Camp Aquino Integrated Pistol and Rifle Firing Range, Camp Gen Aquino, Tarlac City.

In line with their commitment to ensuring the highest standards of performance, NOLCOM troopers recently embarked on a Pistol Marksmanship Refresher Training program that seeks to empower personnel by enhancing their shooting proficiency.

NOLCOM pistol marksmanship skills

Commander of NOLCOM, Lieutenant General Fernyl G. Buca, PAF, has articulated a clear vision for this training endeavor. He said that “this type of training aims to further improve the pistol shooting fundamentals of every NOLCOM personnel ensuring they are versatile, flexible, and highly skilled in dealing with any situation, regardless of the level of intensity, across the entire spectrum of military operations.”

Continuous training is fundamental to maintaining our readiness. It is part of our efforts in striving to become a Sustainment-Maintained and Readiness-Trained Force, protectors of the people, ” LTGEN BUCA added.

NOLCOM’s commitment to enhancing the readiness of its troops extends beyond marksmanship training. It can be recalled that on August 28, the command launched an Aikido Martial Arts Training program as part of its ongoing efforts to enhance the readiness of troops in unarmed combat situations.

NOLCOM intensifies its efforts to foster a well-trained and highly proficient force, capable of responding effectively to any challenges and safeguarding the well-being of the Northern Luzon region.

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