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Commuter group supports expansion of MC taxi coverage beyond NCR

The Passenger Forum - TPF

Transport advocacy network The Passenger Forum today welcomed the recommendation of the government’s Technical Working Group (TWG) on Motorcycle Taxi (MC taxi) to allow the operations of MC taxis beyond Metro Manila.

According to TPF Convener Primo Morillo, “The problem of insufficient public transport options is not exclusive to Metro Manila commuters. We have heard several positive feedbacks from commuters in Cebu and Cagayan De Oro when they allowed MC taxis in their respective cities. Thus, we support the TWG’s recommendation to expand the study to other urban centers.”

The TWG Report submitted to the House of Representatives Committee on Transportation in October proposes the MC taxi study’s initial expansion in Pampanga, Batangas, Iloilo, Bacolod, and Davao City. Also listed in the said document are five secondary expansion areas: Zamboanga, Legazpi, General Santos, Baguio, and Pangasinan.

TPF, however, maintained that while MC taxis benefit some commuters, the government should still ensure that the development and expansion of our limited mass transport system is the top priority.

“The recommended expansion of MC taxi study should go beyond Metro Manila. We need to share MC taxi benefits with other cities while at the same time, preventing further congestion of Metro Manila roads. MC taxis, after all, are still dependent on our congested road network in the National Capital Region,” Morillo explained.

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