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Ex- Quezon mayor shot in front of daughter’s house

Romar Portes
A screen grab from the CCTV camera footage shows a gunman shooting former Mayor Romar Portes who fell to the ground after initially being hit by a bullet in the face.

A FORMER mayor and father of an incumbent mayor is now in critical condition after being shot in front of his daughter’s house in Brgy. Bukal, Pagbilao, Quezon, on Tuesday.

Quezon police director Col. Audie Madrideo said former mayor Romar Portes, 73, of Bgy. Ikirin was shot in the face and is confined at St. Luke’s Hospital in Quezon City.

Madrideo said the former mayor was first rushed to the MMG Hospital in Lucena City after the shooting.

Town police commander, Major Reden Romasanta said the incident occurred at 5 p.m. while Portes, whose daughter Shierre Ann Portes- Palicpic, the incumbent mayor, was sitting on a chair in front of KGP Building owned by the latter.

Portes was suddenly approached by a motorcycle backrider.

As shown on a CCTV camera footage, the backrider quickly pulled a gun and shot Portes at close range hitting his face.

As Portes fell to the ground, the suspect pumped another bullet into him before he backrided on the motorcycle and fled.

Romasanta said the gunman was wearing brown shorts and a gray jacket while his driver was clad in maong pants and black jacket.

Madrideo said the gun used by the suspect could be a revolver as no spent shells were recovered by investigators at the crime scene. He ordered local police to conduct a thorough investigation.

Portes served as mayor of this town for three consecutive terms before he was replaced by his wife Venus. After a one term, Portes ran again and served another three terms.

After his last term, Portes was replaced by his daughter, Portes- Palicpic who also won three conscutive elections and is now on her final term.