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Global Investment Firm onboards Aboitiz Foundation to Philanthropy Asia Alliance

Temasek Trust
Aboitiz First Vice President, Chief Reputation and Sustainability Officer Ginggay Hontiveros-Malvar (right) presents the programs and initiatives of Aboitiz Foundation and future programs to PAA Partnerships Director Sylvia Lim (left) and PAA CEO Seok Hui Lim. Aboitiz Foundation is honored to be onboarded with Temasek Trust’s Philanthropy Asia Alliance as a Pathfinder Founding Member.

Temasek Trust, a leading player in the global investment arena, is proud to onboard Aboitiz Group’s corporate social responsibility arm Aboitiz Foundation as one of the founding members of the Philanthropy Asia Alliance (PAA) dedicated to catalyzing positive change in Southeast Asia.

Aboitiz Equity Ventures’ Chief Reputation and Sustainability Officer Ginggay Hontiveros-Malvar recently met with PAA executives Chief Executive Officer Seok Hui Lim and Director Sylvia Lim, discussed the induction and opportunities for collaboration with the aim of amplifying programs that can deliver substantial social impact. During this meeting, both parties expressed their shared commitment to driving positive change in the communities they serve. This strategic partnership marks a pivotal moment in their joint mission to empower and uplift communities across Southeast Asia and they are excited about the meaningful initiatives that will emerge from this collaboration.

“We are thrilled to embark on this remarkable journey alongside Temasek and our fellow PAA colleagues,” said Aboitiz Group President and CEO and Chairman of Aboitiz Foundation Sabin Aboitiz. “Our shared commitment to sustainable development and social impact aligns perfectly with our core values. This partnership signifies our dedication to creating lasting change in Southeast Asia.”

On September 15, PAA initiated a summit in Singapore focusing on calls to action that have been carefully curated with key partners. The goal is to mobilize support to address societal challenges and achieve common good. These calls to action are grounded in three key mandates: Climate & Nature, Holistic & Inclusive Education, and Global & Public Health. These will guide the alliance’s efforts towards driving meaningful impact and building climate change resilience across the countries within Southeast Asia where Temasek Trust operates.

PAA is poised to leverage its resources and expertise by collaborating with the Aboitiz Foundation as well as other members, private individuals, and various foundations across Southeast Asia. This collaboration is aligned with its shared vision of Empowering the Future Generation of Leaders.

After three decades dedicated to sustainable community building, the Aboitiz Foundation now focuses on three flagship programs – Future Leaders, Enterprise and Jobs Creation, and Climate Action.

Aboitiz Foundation marks 35 years of transformative impact this September 28. After three decades dedicated to sustainable community building, the foundation focuses on three flagship programs – Future Leaders, Enterprise and Jobs Creation, and Climate Action. Future Leaders is about empowering a future generation of problem-solving leaders and entrepreneurs vital for addressing pressing challenges in the Philippines. Enterprise and Jobs aims to bridge the digital divide for MSMEs and Women, fostering wealth creation, upskilling, and employment opportunities, while Climate Action focuses on creating climate-resilient ecosystems through carbon projects and waste management, climate adaptation & mitigation, biodiversity oversight, and habitat conservation.

Aboitiz Foundation being inducted into the Philanthropy Asia Alliance represents a significant step towards a brighter and more sustainable future for the Philippines and across Southeast Asia. Together, they will work tirelessly to empower communities, nurture future leaders, and combat climate change across the region.

About Aboitiz Foundation

The Aboitiz Foundation is the corporate citizenship arm of the Aboitiz Group established in 1988. Its purpose is to drive change for a better world by advancing business and communities through programs on education, enterprise development, and the environment. Since its inception in 1988, the Foundation’s CSR interventions have evolved from one-time donations to carefully designed programs that empower its beneficiaries to pursue their aspirations.

Today, the Aboitiz Foundation, through the Aboitiz Business Units, develops and implements corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs or CSR 2.0 projects that aim to co-create safe, empowered, and sustainable communities. These CSR 2.0 projects are aligned to the Group’s core competencies, are scalable nationwide, and create a deeper social impact on the communities and beneficiaries it serves.

About Aboitiz Equity Ventures

Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc. (AEV) is the portfolio management company of the Aboitiz Group, leading investments in power, banking and financial services, food, infrastructure, land, and cutting-edge fields like data science and artificial intelligence. With a remarkable legacy spanning five generations, the Aboitiz Group is committed to driving change for a better world. The Group is undergoing its Great Transformation to establish itself as the Philippines’ pioneering techglomerate. This innovative growth strategy, powered by technology and a renewed entrepreneurial mindset, empowers us to advance businesses and uplift communities.

AEV is renowned as one of the best-managed companies in the Philippines and the region, consistently recognized for our unwavering dedication to good corporate governance and corporate social responsibility (CSR) through the Aboitiz Foundation.

As proud members of influential organizations such as the APEC Business Advisory Council, Private Sector Advisory Council to the Philippine government, Global Compact Network Philippines Board of Trustees, and the Global Council for Inclusive Capitalism, we actively champion sustainability initiatives both domestically and globally. Aligned with the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), we drive policies, advocacies, and initiatives to make a lasting impact. Our transformative #OneNEWAboitiz Sustainability Framework aims to enhance sustainable practices in our life-essential businesses, fostering a positive impact on the environment and society.

To learn more about our journey to becoming the Philippines’ first techglomerate, visit our website: https://aboitiz.com/.

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