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HR Transformation, Now and Beyond

SKYGO Group of Companies HR Summit 2023
Left to Right : Bro. Silvestre B. Crescencio SDB of Don Bosco Technical College, Carmencita M. Alviola of the University of San Carlos, Ava-Lou Perez of University of San Jose Recoletos, David Ian King & Belinda Manatad of SKYGO Group of Companies.

CEBU, PHILIPPINES, February 2023 – SKYGO Group of Companies, a Cebu-based conglomerate engaged in various industries, completed its first-ever HR Summit 2023, intending to initiate HR Transformation, now and beyond, at the 1Nito Tower in Cebu City. Leading the HR Summit are the president and CEO of the SKYGO Group of Companies, David Ian King, and the Chief HROD officer, Belinda Manatad. Attending the HR Summit are executives and the operations team from the group and guests from various companies owned and managed by the King family. The King family is invested in various industries, such as food processing, real estate, and transportation.

The two-day HR Summit featured several notable speakers including Darwin John Moises, president of XP+, Glenn Glarino Ph.D., dean of the School of Arts and Sciences of the University of San Carlos, Gloria Zosa-Seno, management & HR consultant of GZS Resource Associates, Padma Mangaharam Siap, founder of Creative Magnate Institute, Chad Rodolfo Miel, corporate lawyer, and Nathan Ray Gamban, chief operating officer of King’s Properties. Each speaker inspires participants and guests to evolve HR practices and elevate them to even higher levels.

“Our goal for this HR Summit is to provide solutions to the growing challenges that Human Resources currently faces. These include attracting top talents, building a positive work culture, creating the right job roles and opportunities, ensuring continuous training and development, fostering strong performance management, and offering attractive compensation,” said Manatad. She added, “that is why we invited the best HR practitioners as resource speakers to share their valuable insights, frameworks, and HR solutions, giving our team and guests more tools to build an even more effective organization.”

The HR Summit offered frameworks, principles, and practical solutions to the varying concerns of the workforce. Topics covered building trust in an organization, mental health, creating corporate culture, team confidence and resilience, labor laws affecting the workforce, and operations as frontline HRs. These series of topics were designed to make every member more capable of meeting its workforce’s changing and challenging human resource needs.

SKYGO Group of Companies HR Summit 2023
From left to right: David Ian King, Janice Dulanie King, Darwin John Moises, Belinda Manatad & Erwin Cudis.

During the HR Summit, Don Bosco Technical College represented by Ranilo M. Camacho, the University of San Carlos represented by Carmencita M. Alviola, and the University of San Jose Recoletos represented by Ava-Lou Perez, LPT, DM-HRM, were on hand to sign a Memorandum of Agreement with the SKYGO Group represented by David Ian King and Belinda Manatad in order to bridge the gaps in workforce fulfillment with academe and learning institutions partnerships.

“With the completion of HR Summit 2023, we are now even more confident that we have laid down the ground works to face the challenges of Human Resources, and bring our level from simply transactional to strategic which will be truly transformational,” said King. He said further, “Let’s be sure to put more humanness into the future of our organization, so we can call it truly ours.”

The HR Summit 2023, a key project of the Round Table Masterclass, is the first initiative to bring a higher level of interaction, conversation, and learning to targeted executive participants and guests. And more summits or conferences can be expected of Round Table Masterclass.

By Jun P. Velasco

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