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Join #EdenLevelUpChallenge on TikTok with the Creamy Taste and Smooth Texture of the NEW Eden Cream Cheese

Eden Cream Cheese

Let your family taste the new Eden Cream Cheese! Made from high-quality farm-fresh milk, Eden Cream Cheese will add a creamy taste and smooth texture that is perfect for baking, cooking, and so much more – instantly leveling up your dishes!

Mealtimes with your family is both fun and challenging. Figuring out what to eat every day while you’re all at home and what your family will enjoy can become a routine.

It’s time to level up and make your meals more delicious and special by using the new Eden Cream Cheese in your dish preparations! Every meal is made better with the creamy taste and smooth texture of Eden Cream Cheese, making each bite more enjoyable and delicious. Made from high quality, farm fresh milk, this new product offering of Eden helps give the dishes you bake or cook that creamy texture your family will love.

Eden Cream Cheese is good for various uses, available in a 225g block at SRP PHP140, and a 140g spreadable tub at SRP PHP 95 – you can choose the variant that suits the dish you’re making. You can purchase from this link – bit.ly/ShopEdenCreamCheese.

Say hello to this new addition to your recipe creations and create more dishes that your family will love and look for every mealtime! No worries basta’t may Eden Cream Cheese, kayang #iLevelUpAngSarap ng bawa’t lutuin, at mas masaya pa ang bonding time with your family!

Ready to level up your kitchen creations? Join the #EdenLevelUpChallenge on TikTok and take your favorites to the next level! Many have joined the challenge via Tiktok stitch/duet with Heart Evangelista showing how they leveled up their dishes! Post your entries now and show how you level up your kitchen creations or everyday moments with Eden Cream Cheese! Use the hashtags #EdenLevelUpChallenge #EdenCreamCheese #iLevelUpAngSarap and showcase your dishes! Check this link for the hashtag challenge → vt.tiktok.com/ZSdKv9AhX/

Eden Cream Cheese Level Up Challenge

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