ASEZ WAO conducted the “Green Earth” cleanup campaign in Santa Mesa, Manila

On May 14, 2023, some young people carried out a cleanup activity in Santa Mesa, Manila. They are members of ASEZ WAO, the Young Adult Worker Volunteer Group of the World Mission Society Church of God (General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol, hereinafter the Church of God). They conducted the “Green Earth” cleanup campaign. This campaign is one of the environmental cleanup activities that ASEZ WAO carries out with the aim to protect terrestrial ecosystems by cleaning up downtown streets and parks.

ASEZ WAO cleanup campaign

An officer from ASEZ WAO said, “Our young adults have gathered their minds together to create healthy terrestrial ecosystems by cleaning up the environment for our families and neighbors. If the citizens join our cleanup efforts, we will be able to establish a sustainable global environment.”

60 people, including some members of ASEZ WAO, their friends and colleagues, cleaned up the 2-km stretch from Barangay 626 to Barangay 631 in Santa Mesa. This area has many commercial facilities and needs continuous care. The young people cleaned up the crowded streets, roadsides, and nooks. During the cleanup activity that lasted for over two hours from 8 a.m., they collected 160.3 kg of trash, such as plastic waste, disposable items, cigarette butts, masks, pieces of paper, and vinyl waste.

ASEZ WAO cleanup campaign

The barangay officials welcomed their cleanup activity and provided them with cleaning tools. Barangay 631 Chairman Irah Rillo encouraged them by saying, “The leaders of Barangay 631 are delighted today because we are together with ASEZ WAO, and that you chose to have the cleanup event here. Nowadays, survival on a daily basis is not the only thing that needs to be understood but we have to also show concern to our environment as well as to have intergeneration and responsibility to the future generation, that’s why we have to take care of our environment right now.” The officials of the City Government of Manila Department of Public Services also showed support for the ASEZ WAO’s active love for the environment by sending volunteers and hauling the collected garbage.

A volunteer named Jayvee Garcia from ASEZ WAO said, “It is fascinating and incredible to be part of the cleanup campaign because it’s my first time to join this kind of event.” Another volunteer named Harold Gatchalian said with a bright smile, “Since climate change is being talked about nowadays, people are concerned about environmental protection. While we were cleaning, many people praised the ASEZ WAO group and they were full of smiles as we beautified the crowded roads.”

ASEZ WAO cleanup campaign

The young adult workers of the Church of God have worked hard to establish a sustainable global environment by cleaning up various places in Metro Manila, including Manila Bay, LPPCHEA’s Freedom Island, Derham Park in Pasay, Barangay Malinta in Valenzuela, and Caloocan. In La Mesa, Quezon City, they planted 300 trees in cooperation with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

In addition to environmental protection activities, they have carried out many humanitarian activities such as delivering snacks and handwritten letters as a way to support healthcare workers in hospitals, medical centers, and public health agencies during the COVID-19 pandemic. These activities are being actively carried out in many regions nationwide, including Antipolo, Laoag, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, and Tacloban.

ASEZ WAO cleanup campaign

ASEZ WAO is an international volunteer organization. The term “ASEZ WAO” means “Let us become one family and save the world from the beginning to the end.” They carry out campaigns like “Mother’s Forest” (Global Tree Planting Initiative), “No More GPGP” (Plastic Reduction), “Green Earth” (Street and Park Cleanup), and Blue Ocean” (River & Ocean Cleanup).

In recognition of their efforts in various fields such as educational support, welfare promotion, disaster relief, and cultural exchange, they have received many awards, including the U.S. President’s Volunteer Service Award (the highest honor given to groups), Certificate of Recognition from Mayor of Ahmednagar, Certificate of Recognition from Mayor of Quilicura in Chile, Resolution Award from Mayor of Huangcayo in Peru, and the Green World Award and the Green Apple Award—the international environment awards. They have also received Certificates of Appreciation from Senators, President of International Environmental Law Commission, and Mayor of Caloocan, Philippines.

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