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Get your kids vaccinated – Mayor Honey

Poks Pangan and Honey Lacuna
Mayor Honey Lacuna with Manila Health Department chief Dr. Poks Pangan as the city government continues to urge everyone in the city, specially those who are high-risk, to get vaccinated against COVID-19, in view of the rising cases recently. (JERRY S. TAN)

Manila Mayor Honey Lacuna for the nth time, appealed to parents and guardians to have their children or wards vaccinated, noting that those given primary vaccination among kids aged five to 11 has not even reached 50 percent of the targeted number which is 168,446.

In the same breadth, she also called on senior citizens to have themselves vaccinated either with primary or booster shots and for adults aged 18 to 59 to get boosted, specially since they are the ones who are most fond of always getting out.

The mayor made the appeal citing the recent continued rise in the number of COVID-19 cases based on figures that she receives from the city’s health cluster.

“Vaccination is still the solution. Tumataas po ang mga kaso, kaya bigyan po natin ng proteksyon ang mga alaga nating ‘chikiting’ sa bahay,” she stated in her appeal.

Citing records, Lacuna said that while the number of senior citizens who have gotten their first dose was at over 95 percent, the number has gone down to about 86 percent when it came to booster shots, with only 60 percent recorded for the first and 20 percent for the second booster.

In the case of kids belonging to the five to 11 age group, the number of those who have been given primary shots is yet to reach 50 percent.

While figures are better in the case of minors aged 12 to 17 who have registered 100 percent for the primary shots, only ten percent availed of the first booster.

Adults aged 18 to 59 meanwhile, registered more than 100 percent for the first and second dose. However, the number went down to 65 percent for the first booster and declined to a measly eight percent for the second.

“So, mga lolo at lola, mommy at daddy, kayo pa naman ang laging gala nang gala, di kayo mapalagay sa bahay. Please, bago kayo gumala, magpunta muna kayo sa health center at magpabakuna,” Lacuna said.

She stressed that her appeal is also directed to those who are considered as ‘high risk individuals’ such as senior citizens, pregnant women, the immuno-compromised and those with comorbidities.

Itchie G. Cabayan
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