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Multi-million dollar facility to develop ‘Marijuana’ as medicine to be built soon

Rigel Gomez

AS everybody’s anticipating the legalization by the Senate and House of Representatives, on the use of medical cannabis or marijuana as medicine, a manufacturing facility to develop this will be constructed soon and it’s said to be the biggest in Asia and at par with the United States’ in terms of standards.

The Senate and House bills relating to medical cannabis are now with the technical working group but advocates of the marijuana plant strongly believe that its legalization will happen soon. This good news was relayed to the Media Health Forum by Bauertek Corporation’s general manager Dr. Richard Nixon Gomez, a scientist and inventor.

Broadcasters Rolando “Lakay” Gonzalo and Edwin Eusebio are the moderators of the Bauertek Corporation’s weekly forum held in Quezon City.

The guest panelist for the week was no less than Rigel Gomez, the company’s president and son of Dr. Gomez, who reported that they recently returned from the United States to visit big medical cannabis facilities there.

The elder Gomez said that the facility to be built in the country soon is 13 times bigger than Bauertek Corporation located in Guiguinto, Bulacan.

This is scheduled to have its ground-breaking in the middle of November.

Rigel said first and foremost, it’s necessary to conduct proper media campaign for people to understand on the benefits of medical cannabis. “The right medicine for the right disease, right disorder because any medicine can be a cure or a poison if you use it in the right or wrong way,” he explained.

The elder Gomez also expounded that once marijuana use is legalized, it will become a $180-billion dollar industry by 2030 and the Philippines stands to earn millions in taxes.

He also disclosed that in their talks with the experts in the US, the latter reportedly claimed that “As early as now, they want Bauertek to position for export in Europe. Hindi na daw Columbia kasi mura, US mahal, Israel napakamahal.” Dr. Gomez said. Europe cannot make its own, he added.

One advantage of the Philippines producing medicine from medical cannabis is the fact that the country is very good for growing marijuana. Another is working hand-in-hand with the government in providing the proper regulations in order to ensure that what goes out is the highest quality and with Bauertek that uses the best equipment in the whole of Asia.

The Philippines has also the perfect weather for growing lots of cannabis, Rigel said. The country likewise wants to participate in the global cannabis trade aside from the benefits the Filipinos will get, especially for the patients and the employment it will generate.

This will surely benefit the Philippine economy as it stands to earn P40-billion in taxes, the Dr. Gomez said. (Nelson Santos-PAPI)

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