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Sharks Billiards League Showcases more World-Class Billiard Tournaments with new Arena

Great White Arena
Sharks’ second home–Great White Arena located in Tomas Morato, Quezon City

Two years after the launch of the only billiards’ league in the country, Sharks Billiard League (Sharks) launches its second arena hoping to usher in a new wind for both the sport and its players.

The Sharks Great White Arena located in Tomas Morato, Quezon City, is the League’s biggest milestone yet and is envisioned to be a venue for more local and international tournaments. Sharks’ first arena – The Tiger Arena, is also located in Quezon City.

Sharks provides billiards enthusiasts a platform where they can watch daily tournaments among local and international billiard players. It hosts three events per day in each arena for professional and amateur 9-Ball and 10-Ball players. With its second arena, Sharks is able to host additional three events per day, including the upcoming Sharks International 9-ball Open. All these will be live streamed for free through the Sharks official website. Very soon, billiard enthusiasts can also watch the said tournaments live at the Sharks’ Arenas.

“We continue to support the billiards industry by holding these tournaments for local and international talents, in efforts to bring back the passion the Philippines has for billiards. With two arenas in Quezon City, and an upcoming one in Manila, we hope to make the Sharks League a nationwide, and further, a worldwide phenomenon,” Sharks’ President, Sol Khan said.

John Morra
Canadian pool player, John Morra, warming up for the game in Sharks Arena

“It was an honor and privilege to compete at the new Sharks Arena. The setup is second to none and the playing conditions are very professional,” internationally acclaimed and multi-awarded Canadian pool player, John Morra, who played a game against one of Sharks’ rising star and Valenzuela pride, Marc Ejay Cunanan during the arena opening.

Francisco Sanchez Ruiz
World no. 1 pool player, Francisco Sanchez Ruiz, plays a game against local talents

World champion for eight-ball and nine-ball pool, Francisco Sanchez Ruiz, also commended Sharks’ efforts to host world-class tournaments in the Philippines.

“Sharks has one of the most difficult competitions worldwide and competing here can really improve a player’s skills. Personally, I would love to come back to improve my game, especially the kick shot and safety,” Ruiz said.

Ruiz is currently in the country and is playing head-to-head with local legends, Dennis “Robocop” Orcollo and Anton “The Dragon” Raga exclusively livestreamed on Sharks’ official channels.

Aside from Cunanan, Orcollo and Raga, Sharks also conduct tournaments featuring other renowned local billiard players such as Southeast Asian nine-ball and international tournament medalists Johann Chua and Rubilen Amit.

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