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TUCP proposes emergency cost of living allowance and financial assistance to workers amid surging inflation

Trade Union Congress of the Philippines - TUCP

The Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) strongly urges the regional wage boards to issue emergency wage orders and proposes to the Government the creation of a financial assistance program to workers amid the surging inflation. “The wage boards have been studying the wage review for too long. Now is the time for urgency and distance towards an immediate intervention to save our workers from the vicious cycle of poverty and hunger amid the difficult times forced by the record-high 8.7% inflation,” emphasized House of Representatives Deputy Speaker Raymond Democrito C. Mendoza (TUCP Party-list).

EMERGENCY COST OF LIVING ALLOWANCE (ECOLA). The TUCP urges the regional wage boards to issue ECOLA orders to alleviate the plight of our workers without impairing the viability and sustainability of business and industry in the region. ECOLA orders have been ordered several times before and across the regions. This is the immediate intervention necessitated by the surging inflation.

BBM ASSISTANCE PARA SA MANGGAGAWANG PILIPINO (BAMP). Similar to COVID-19 Adjustment Measures Program (CAMP) for affected workers of firms that trimmed down their operations or shut down due to current socio-economic downturn, the TUCP proposes the BAMP to give one-time big-time P5,000 for 4 million minimum wage earners sourced from the Government fund and/or Presidential Social Fund. This is to: (a) help both workers and businesses amid the inflation; (b) pump prime the economy through consumption spending for basic needs while the construction sector is still gearing up; (c) buy time for businesses as they are still recovering from the four crises of survival: COVID-19, Ukraine-Russia war, global recession, and climate change.

WAGE HIKE PETITION. The TUCP will be definitely filing a petition for wage hike in various regions. The amount of wage increase per region is still being processed, pending the release of the First Quarter Inflation report. This is to ensure that our proposed wage hike will be actionable and reasonable for both workers and employers. In the meantime.

ADDRESS ROOT CAUSES OF INFLATION. In the meantime, the TUCP proposes the following measures to cushion the surging inflation driven by food and electricity inflation:

  1. GO AFTER UNSCRUPULOUS MIDDLEMEN, CARTELS, AND SMUGGLERS. Thoroughly investigate these economic saboteurs who are “gaming” the market to make quick profit taking—to the disadvantage of ordinary Filipino consumers and detriment of our farmers. The full force of law should be used against these saboteurs.
  2. EXPAND DTI DISKWENTO CARAVANS. Government to buy at fair prices from MSMEs and sell at fair prices to consumers
  3. EXPAND DA KADIWA STORES. Government to buy at fair prices from farmers and sell at bagsak presyo prices to consumers. In fact, on March, a National Kadiwa Store will be launched in the TUCP-PGEA compound in the Elliptical Road, Quezon City and will be graced by His Excellency President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.
  4. DOE & ERC TWEAK TARIFF FORMULA TO BRING DOWN POWER RATES. Ridiculous 1 centavo per kwh decrease of MERALCO!
  5. LOW INTEREST GOVERNMENT LOANS TO MSMEs. On condition they retain their workers and expand employment.

“We believe that these proposed ECOLA, BAMP, and Executive measures to address the root causes of inflation are the key to cushion the impacts of the surging inflation and for the Filipino to ultimately experience better our 7.6% high GDP growth,” underscored Deputy Speaker Mendoza.

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