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Two makers of fake PWD IDs, nabbed by SMaRT


Operatives from the Manila Police District – Special Mayor’s Reaction Team (MPD-SMaRT) arrested two individuals for selling via online and manufacturing fake person with disability (PWD) identification cards during an entrapment operation in Tondo, Manila.

SMaRT chief Maj. Edward Samonte said the suspects, identified as Ralph Lawrence Doblada, 21, of 1501 G. Araneta Street, Jose Abad Santos Avenue, Brgy. 246, Tondo, Maynila and Lizel Lopez, 46, of 1656 Antonio Rivera Street, Brgy. 239, Tondo, remain in police custody.

The operation came after the Manila Social Welfare Department (MSWD) headed by Re Fugos sought help from the police due to the proliferation of fake PWD IDs which are being bought online.

An informant repotedly told Fugoso that the PWD IDs are being sold by one Lawrence Mercado for P1,500 each on Narra Street, Tondo.

Samonte directed the conduct of a test-buy operation which became the basis for an entrapment operation to be set up.

Police confiscated 190 pieces of PWD IDs that are blank and one with the name of one Andrei Cervantes on it.

Samonte said a case for violation of Article 172 (Falsification by Private Individuals and Use of Falsified Documents) and Article 176 (Manufacturing and Possession of Instruments or Implements for Falsification) have been filed against the suspect before the Manila Prosecutor’s Office.

Itchie G. Cabayan
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