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Warning to China


Deal with the slick, covetous country for who and what she really is, vis-a-vis the Scarborough Shoal or West Philippines Sea. Don’t fall for her “drama.”

The interest of China in the WPS, transcendent of her main goal to grab it, is to win to her side the countries whom she considers obstacles to carry out their delusive agenda, not to mention her machinations to maliciously involve the United States in the issue (by propaganda/psywar) and put in bad light the merely “internationally concerned” superpower country.

China’s “ten dash line,” though a fresh/new figment of their imagination, is now a passe/obsolete because the Philippines has an “eleven dash line” as I have just drawn a map that contains it, and which Filipinos can present to the current Chinese officials so that the Philippine government may (perchance) be able to convince them to come to their senses and stop their illegal activities in the disputed sea.

All that China can do with its “ten dash line” is to play their “cheat and steal” game with it. They have revised their “nine dash line” because the said old map did not stand in the Permanent Court of Arbitration, and will never ever stand in any court of law (for humans) anywhere in the universe. But let them be informed herein that the Philippines has thus far made her own “eleven dash line” map. Ano pa laban nila? Ten lang ang kanila, eleven ang sa atin.

China cautioned other countries about courting a new Cold War (by offending China) during the recent ASEAN Summit in Indonesia when, as a matter of imperative, China should have been the one that received warning (more than caution), not only from the ASEAN member nations, but from the entire world – on account of her continuing aggression and illegal actions in the WPS that destabilize the region and will so “destabilize” the world, ultimately.

But, alas, what the Philippines, the ASEAN and the world are doing seem to be just all talk, useless talks, when the only talk that may matter to solve the problem (with finality) is a bilateral talk between the Philippines and China.

It was reported in June of this year that China is willing to have a dialogue with the Philippines to resolve the issue. Did our government ignore it? Three months later, I read another news that said, “Zhou Zhiyong, the Chinese Embassy’s deputy chief of mission and minister counselor, also claimed that Beijing had been reaching out to Manila but it had yet to respond to China’s proposed bilateral talks on tensions in the South China Sea (SCS).”

Were all these fake news? I don’t think so because I read them from reputable media outlets. Thus, are our officials playing callous toward the best possible solution to end our already boiling squabble with China, with China trying to initiate the move? Though, China’s sincerity will have to be tested when the talk commences.

I am sure this one is not fake news. China has been using “local operators” to divide the Philippines on the WPS issue. Time indeed for our officials to do something about these handful but noisy traitors and apostates, much less those who are part of the media or Philippine media. Pronto.

Moreover, I would like to exhort former President Rodrigo Duterte, if I may. Realize, Sir, that China’s president, Xi Jinping, had an “agenda” why he recently invited you to see him in his office. He loves you as president of the Philippines no doubt because you appeared to be a “friend,” one with China in invading our WPS territories by virtue of your official pronouncements and actions (or indiscretions) on the matter when you were still our president. But, nay, such was far from your mind and purpose, I believe.

Digong and Xi

President Xi wants you to run for president again in the future. Din’t he? But, for goodness sake, Filipinos can just imagine that the WPS problem may drag on “forever” as a consequence, until Xi would see you again seated in Malacanang. Ergo, China has found an excuse to withhold everything that is right, wise, just, sober, peaceful and fair on the issue.

Dear Mr. Duterte: Can you please tell Mr. Xi, plain and simple, in no uncertain terms, ASAP: “I am not running again for president of my country and I oppose your aggression and bullying in our maritime domain. I love the Philippines.”

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