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Aboitiz Construction contributes to Sarangani power plant efficiency

Aboitiz Construction Sarangani 1 X 105 MW
Aboitiz Construction helped improve operations of the 210 MW coal power plant of Sarangani Energy Corporation through the completion of maintenance and shutdown works for this year.

Last August, Aboitiz Construction completed its maintenance and shutdown works for the Unit 2 (105MW) of Sarangani Energy Corporation Coal Power Plant in Maasim, Sarangani Province. The project aimed to maintain efficiency and improve plant conditions in order to provide enough power supply to the cities and municipalities in Southern and South Central Mindanao. Since last year, Aboitiz Construction has been tapped by JGC Philippines, the client for the manpower supply for shutdown of the power plant.

Aboitiz Construction was mainly involved in the repair of the boiler, pipeline system, and water treatment area of the power plant. Major maintenance works were focused on furnace, electrostatic precipitator, and steam turbine generator areas. These tasks target to maintain the efficiency of the power plant operations and strengthen safety.

In 2019, Aboitiz Construction completed the structural, mechanical and piping works of the power plant’s 2nd Unit in Sarangani and was recognized for the achievement of 4.2 million safe man hours without lost time injury during the entire duration of the project.

Committed to advancing business and communities, a total of 1,300 employees (peak) were hired during the power plant construction. Out of this number, 30% were locally hired.

“To sustain our upward momentum, we are expanding our portfolio on power plant construction works and this project is a testament to our commitment of building projects that will enable us to advance business and communities,” said Alex Garciano, Aboitiz Construction’s Vice President for Construction Operations.

About Aboitiz Construction, Inc.

Aboitiz Construction is the construction arm of the Aboitiz Group of Companies, one of the prominent conglomerates in the Philippines. Aboitiz Construction is a privately-held company, with a 45-year track record in value construction and engineering that advances businesses and communities by building a better future.

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