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AKO Bicol seeks unity, prayer vs COVID-19

Elizaldy S. Co
AKO Bicol party list Rep. Elizaldy S. Co

AKO  Bicol party list Rep. Elizaldy S. Co last August 5, 2020 appealed for unity and prayer as the country’s leaders and frontliners wage a war against the COVID-19 pandemic.
In a statement,  Co said national unity is imperative to survive a crisis that has reached alarming levels with more than 112,000 positive COVID-19 cases as of Tuesday, August 4. The Department of Health also recorded 6,352 new positive cases, the biggest increase in a single day.

“At no other point in our recent history do we need to stand together to fight a common, yet invisible enemy. Let’s heed and help our medical experts and frontliners by staying home, wearing protective gear and frequent handwashing. Most of all, we should fervently pray for national healing,” Co said.

“Let us also pray for our leaders, especially President Rodrigo Duterte, his Cabinet and members of the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases. They, too, need help and guidance in facing a pandemic no one has prepared for,” he added.

While the national COVID-19 response is not perfect, the solon said President Duterte deserves much credit for distributing aid, providing treatment for the sick and maintaining law and order. “A weaker leader would have buckled down under tremendous pressure. If it were not for the President’s laser focus on security, we could be in the brink of chaos and riots with the growing number of hungry people locked down by the pandemic,” he said.

More importantly, Co said the President deserves praise and support for seeking outside help to secure much-needed vaccines. “Whether the source is China, India or some other country, we should be happy that our President is doing everything to secure supply of COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available. That’s our real hope for recovery,” the solon stressed.

Thus, instead of criticizing government, Co urged his fellow Filipinos to help, in their own small way, in the herculean task of controlling the spread of the pandemic that’s ravaging the country.

While waiting for an effective vaccine, he said Ako Bicol is doing its best to help its constituents. “While our resources are limited, we’re doing our best to save as many Filipinos from hunger and isolation,” he added.

In this time of national crisis and emergency, Co also reminded Filipinos to be grateful and count their blessings. “While there are over 100,000 Filipinos with COVID-19, more than 100 million don’t have the disease todate. Therefore, the best way forward is to treat the afflicted and protect healthy citizens from contracting it. This is where we urgently need unity of purpose and action,” he stressed.