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Bill updating BI law gains support, Tansingco thanks lawmakers

Norman Tansingco
BI Commissioner Norman Tansingco thanks lawmakers for supporting new law that would modernize the bureau. (JERRY S. TAN)

With the bill aimed at updating the 84-year-old Philippine immigration act of 1940 now being deliberated in the Senate. Bureau of Immigration (BI) Commissioner Norman Tansingco thanked lawmakers for their support.

“We thank all lawmakers for their support and for seeing the importance of this measure,” said Tansingco.

The BI chief expressed belief that the BI modernization law will finally be passed this year.

It can be recalled that during President Ferdinand ‘BongBong’ Marco, Jr.’s second State of the Nation address, he reiterated the passing of the new law to boost nation-building.

The proposed modernization measures will authorize the BI to utilize its income to acquire advanced tools and technologies. This will enable the BI to operate more efficiently and effectively in fulfilling its vital role in national security. By enhancing its infrastructure and embracing state-of-the-art systems, the Bureau will be more capable of detecting and thwarting illicit activities, such as human trafficking, illegal cross-border operations, and other threats related to the borders.

Apart from updates on visa types and penalties, the new law also ensures the income augmentation for the salaries of BI employees. Tansingco said that the move would greatly benefit employees that are stuck with low salaries, and would allow the agency to recruit fresh graduates from good schools to join government service.

“The passage of the new law is another step forward towards the President’s vision of Bagong Pilipinas,” said Tansingco.

Itchie G. Cabayan
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