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Bomb joke lands female passenger in Davao jail

For cracking a bomb joke, a female passenger bound for Manila was arrested by operatives of the Davao International Airport Police Station.

Said passenger was boarding Cebu Pacific Air at Davao International Airport on Sunday night, January 29, 2023 when the incident happened.

PCol Leo T Ajero, Chief, AVSEU 11 said the arrest came after one of the agents of Cebu Pacific Customer Service reported the that during the boarding process, the said passenger allegedly uttered a bomb joke to one of the airline’s flight attendant that prompted duty personnel who received the report to respond and immediately arrest the passenger.

The passenger will face raps for violation of Presidential Decree 1727, or the “Anti-Bomb Joke Law,” for malicious dissemination of false information or willful making of any threat concerning bombs, explosives and any similar device or means of destruction. She was brought to Davao International Airport Police Station for investigation, and temporarily detained at Panacan Relocation Police Sub-Station.

PCol Ajero said the passengers of Cebu Pacific Flight 5J978 has to disembark to give way to the conduct of paneling operation. EOD/K9 unit later declared all baggage of outbound passengers cleared of any incendiary materials or devices.

PBGen Aberin lauded the immediate response of the AVSEGROUP personnel to the incident. He further appealed and reminded passengers to refrain from making bomb jokes because it causes alarm and panic to the riding public.

“The AVSEGROUP along with airlines operators and airport authorities will not take this joke lightly. I sternly warn those who still do not understand the effect of “bomb jokes” to refrain from doing it. Otherwise they will face the consequences of their action as we will strictly enforce laws and regulations in the interest of public safety” he stressed.

Itchie G. Cabayan
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