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Criminal Profiling – An Investigative Tool to Fight-off Increasing Crime

Criminal Profiling

The global prevalence of crime is a significant threat to human safety. Offences against the law have long been a part of human society, making crime a phenomenon shared around the globe. Human society is gradually but surely being criminalized. Daily, newspapers report ghastly murders, sensational robberies, rapes, thefts and kidnappings. Naturally, the graph of crimes in today’s society is sharply rising. Therefore, crime is one of the problems governments all over the world confront, as many innocent people have been maimed and killed due to the activities of criminals across countries. Countries worldwide have become dens of smugglers and criminals and are earning rare notoriety in this respect.

Particularly in the case of developing countries like those in the Southeast Asian region, rising crime rates play a key role in stymying national growth as a whole. In 2017, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) observed that crime fuels corruption, infiltrates business and politics and destabilizes the growth and development of any society. The UNODC maintained that crime undermines governance, as crime makes life miserable, short and harsh, and instils fear in people generating a general sense of insecurity. This particular development in crime behaviour always has a more significant impact on foreign investments as well as the international image of any country in the global environment.

As such, there is a strong need to monitor and analyze crimes occurring across countries in addition to regulating them. Though the task of criminal regulation is primarily under the hands of the government and other law enforcement agencies, an analysis of the crimes should be carried out in order to derive conclusions and suggest necessary actions and measures extracted from the study of the past crime database.

Crime analysis can play a significant role in helping law enforcement take better actions for maintaining law and order and effectively utilizing their valuable resources. The crime analysis technique of criminal profiling is the act of building a description of the potential perpetrator used to capture the individual. A profile typically consists of relevant clues that help understand a person of interest better as some behavioural qualities stay consistent or similar across criminals. However, it is a time-consuming endeavour to create a thorough and helpful profile. By incorporating crime analysis techniques, it’s easier to spot patterns and generate a detailed criminal profile in much less time. Criminal profiling is an excellent investigative strategy law enforcement agencies can use to identify suspects. Using this information, detectives have established possible connections between crimes committed by the same person.

Using advanced technology and databases, the Advanced Crime Analytics from Wynyard Group solves the growing problems governments and law enforcement agencies encounter worldwide. The software leverages data analytics to help build criminal profiles and match suspects to existing profiles by drawing patterns across a massive database. Suspect profiles are mapped to existing criminal profiles to link any unlawful behavioural signs that help take suspects into custody. By using Crime analytics software solutions, investigators in the contemporary age can make connections between instances and pieces of evidence that might have been previously missed. Systematic criminal profiling analysis results can help law enforcement protect lives and reduce human pain and suffering. A lack of commitment and investment in the development of crime analysis tools and personnel should be viewed as a crime against society. Crime analysis will make a significant difference in the future world of policing.

Regardless, the nature of criminal profiling has evolved, allowing law enforcement to set up a more solid evidence-based profiling system. It can be a crucial aspect of problem-oriented policing, community policing, and intelligence-led policing. As more technology becomes available to law enforcement, the way law enforcement agencies function can change massively.

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