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DICT, DOLE should check if PH employees covered by recent tech firings

Digital Pinoys

A network of digital advocates is asking the Department of Information and Communications Technology and the Department of Labor and Employment to check if there are Filipinos included in the massive wave of layoffs implemented by offshore tech companies.

Digital Pinoys national campaigner Ronald Gustilo said that the agencies should ensure that the rights and welfare of Filipino workers should be recognized by tech giants with Filipino employees operating remotely.

DICT and DOLE should check if there are Filipinos affected by the massive layoffs in tech companies and ensure that their rights and welfare under Philippine Laws are followed.”

It can be recalled that Google, Microsoft and several other tech companies implemented a massive layoff in the workforce. Microsoft is set to remove 10,000 workers while Google will retrench 12,000.

Gustilo said that tech companies should comply with Philippine laws on termination, including the two-notice rule. Microsoft and Google have offices in the Philippines.

“Tech companies should respect Philippine labor laws. If they are to terminate any Filipino employee, regardless of the nature of employment, it should still comply with our labor code. Our agencies should ensure that these laws are implemented.

Reference: Ronald Gustilo, Digital Pinoys, National Campaigner