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Donny open to a new partner

Donny Pangilinan

DONNY Pangilinan was introduced in Regal’s “Walwal” with Kisses Delavin as his partner. It didn’t work and he’s had no movie for quite some time. Now, Star Cinema gives him another chance in their Valentine offering, “James & Pat & Dave”, where he plays the third wheel in the tandem of Ronnie Alonte and Loisa Andalio. We hope his second movie will do much better than his debut.  

He admits he didn’t originally plan to join showbiz but to study abroad. But then, this can’t be helped as he comes from a showbiz family. His mom is the award-winning actress Maricel Laxa and his dad Anthony is from the Pangilinans where his cousins with his Tita Angeli are all in showbiz. His maternal grandparents are 70s actors Imelda Ilanan and Tony Ferrer and his other lolo, Atty. Espiridion Laxa, was one of the top movie producers then, so showbiz really runs in his blood.

Although he’s now into acting, Donny has not neglected his studies and is taking up multi-media studies in UP Open U. Wise time management is of utmost importance for him to juggle his schedules in school and in showbiz.

“It’s hard kasi ang dami naming assignments right now in school, then busy ako sa promo ng movie namin, and I still have to find time to be with my family,” he adds. “There are times when I ask myself, tama ba tong ginagawa kong multi-tasking? But so far, so good, okay, kaya pa naman.”

Because of this, his love life in this Valentine season is a big zero. “I’m happy being unattached kasi kung may girlfriend ako, wala rin akong magiging time para sa kanya considering how busy my schedule is right now. So love myself muna ako. Hindi naman dahil single ka, malungkot ka na. I’m ony 22, malayo pa ang tatakbuhin ng buhay ko, so I should know how to prioritize things in my life muna. E, as of now, masaya naman ako sa ginagawa ko, work and studies, so okay na yun at mahirap na isabay pa ang love.”

After Kisses dropped him as her partner in the DonKiss love team, doesn’t he have any plan of replacing her with a new actress?

“We can’t tell. Basta ako, I’m open to working with anyone. Baka naman may dumating na babagay sa akin, hindi natin masabi. But as of now, happy naman ako being on my own. I can feel I’m in a good and happy place at this moment. Okay naman ang role ko sa ‘James & Pat & Dave’ at ito muna ang focus ko sa ngayon. I enjoyed doing the movie with Ronnie Alonte and Loisa Andalio and with our director, Ted Boborol. Ang atmosphere namin sa shoot is always so light. Masaya lang and it show sa movie, which is a fun romantic comedy perfect for the day of hearts.”

He’s turning 22 today, February 10, and the movie opens on February 12, so he’s requesting viewers to support his new movie as their birthday gift to him. His mom, Maricel Laxa, was present at the film’s presscon at Dolphy Theatre and she’s asked if she’s a stage mother to her son.

“No, he didn’t even know I will come here to attend the presscon,” says Maricel. “I just want to show my support to all of them. At 22, my husband and I trust Donny and we now allow him to make decisions for himself.”