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Grab, Move It suspension sought amidst numerous violations

Digital Pinoys

A network of digital advocates said today that Grab Philippines should be suspended for committing several violations stemming from its monopoly of the TNVS industry and its backdoor entry to the motorcycle taxi pilot study.

In a press conference today held in Quezon City, Digital Pinoys national campaigner Ronald Gustilo said that the wanton disobedience of government-mandated pricing, rulings and non-compliance to penalties and sanction imposed to Grab Philippines should merit for the suspension of its operations.

Grab Philippines has again committed numerous violations. It seems that Grab is not scared of refund orders and penalties, that they continue to charge passengers beyond what was bring allowed by the government. It’s high time that the government does something about this. Grab – Move It should be suspended for their actions against the commuters and their upfront violation of rules and regulations and their continued disregard of penalties and sanctions.”

Gustilo also scored Grab-owned motorcycle taxi firm Move It for violating the mandatory skills assessment and training policy of the motorcycle taxi pilot program after the firm is reportedly exempting riders from skills assessment and training if they are from rival motorcycle taxi companies. The mandatory assessment and training is one of the main safeguards put in place by congress and the TWG to ensure road safety for riders and passengers.

“Grab – Move It should subject itself to the rules set by the TWG. They should not go beyond what was allocated to them and they should make rider applicants undergo skills training and assessment, even if they have been working with a motorcycle taxi firm, formerly or currently. Work experience, no matter how extensive it may be, is not a free pass from undergoing this mandatory requirement. Congress mandated the TWG of the motorcycle taxi program to require it when it allowed the provisional operation of motorcycle taxis for the safety of the riders and the passengers and it should be followed to the letter.”

Gustilo also questioned Move It’s plan to increase its number of motorcycle taxi riders to 15,000 in Metro Manila despite the lack of allocation from the technical working group. Gustilo also sought for an investigation to Grab-Move It’s operation in Cebu City despite their lack of allocation in the said pilot area.

“Onboarding riders beyond what was being allowed by the government is a clear and heavy violation. It’s tantamount to having drivers operate without franchise because of the lack of allocation. Grab – Move It should immediately cease its onboarding operations if it has already filled up its allocation.”

Gustilo said that because of Grab’s monopoly and dominance in various sectors, they have reached a point where they think and act as if they are untouchable and will do anything and everything it desires, without remorse and fear of repercussions.

“This is what happens when an entity monopolizes a sector. They think they can do whatever they want, without remorse and they can violate over and over again, without fear of sanctions and penalties. As such, the government should not tolerate this and suspend Grab and Move It. Only through the suspension will Grab remember that their operation is only a privilege allowed by the government and can be taken away anytime.”

Reference: Ronald Gustilo, Digital Pinoys National Campaigner