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Makakalikasan Party Opposes Renewal of Malampaya Gas Service Contract

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The Makakalikasan – Nature Party Philippines strongly opposes the extension of the service contract of the Malampaya Gas fields until 2039. We believe that the government should prioritize the nationalization of all gas and oil fields in the Philippines, rather than extending the contracts where government stake is as low as 10% only today. In the case of Malampaya, this is even more important due to the controversies that surround possible graft and corruption that allowed for the Udenna subsidiary UC Malampaya to now have majority control.

Our green agenda on Reclaiming Natural Patrimony emphasizes the importance of protecting our natural resources and ensuring that they benefit the Filipino people. The Malampaya gas field is a valuable resource that should be managed and utilized for the benefit of the Filipino people, not for the profit of corporations.

While still a fossil fuel, the Party recognizes that utilizing the Malampaya gas fields for natural gas to substitute and move us more independent from coal. However, other natural gas fields in the country that should be explored for future emergency use should not substitute for our prioritization of the development of renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, and hydro power, which are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The Party does not believe that natural gas should be a transition energy towards renewable energy development. The development of renewable energy sources will not only reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, but also create new opportunities for economic growth and job creation, says Party president Roy Cabonegro.

Saving our gas and oil reserves for future emergency use is justified in case the global energy crises would get worse due to the impacts of the climate emergency & key global conflicts forcing countries from where we now import fossil fuels for our power plants would suddenly close down our access over prioritizing their own.

We call for a government who will reverse this decision to extend the service contract for the Malampaya gas to benefit more private companies and instead move for 100% nationalization of all oil and gas reserves for future, emergency use.

We call on all Filipinos to support our campaign for the nationalization of all gas and oil fields in the Philippines and the development of renewable energy sources. Together, we can build a sustainable and equitable future for all Filipinos.


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