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Stars as the New Leads of COVID Campaigns

Dimples Romana
Dimples Romana

WHILE everyone waits, albeit with bated breath, for the vaccine that will end the pandemic, the Philippine government through the Department of Health (DOH) has issued health and safety protocols to the public via its BIDA Solusyonsa COVID-19 program with no less thanKapuso Multimedia star, Alden Richards, as the face of the campaign. BIDA stands for B-awalwalang mask, I-sanitize angkamay at I-was hawaksamgabagay, D-umistansya ng isang metro, at A-laminangtotoongimpormasyon.

Jodi Sta. Maria
Jodi Sta. Maria

But it’s not only Alden that’s leading the public health message advocacy. Even Kapamilya stars Jodi Sta. Maria and Dimples Romana are using their influence not just to encourage compliance to minimum health standards, but to practice the Filipino value of malasakit to put an emphasis on accountability to one another.

In their social media accounts, Jodi and Dimples posted Unilab’s recently released public service campaign dubbed “MalasakitPara saIsa’t Isa.” The campaign is both timely and relevant as it talks about how people should care enough to remind others whenever they forget to adhere to the health and safety protocols set by the health department.

Jodi has been the face of Biogesic and its children’s syrup format for the past sixyears now while Dimples has just been introduced as the latest brand ambassador of Solmuxfor Kids together with her son, Alonzo. Biogesic and Solmux are long-standing brands under Unilab.

Admit it or not, sometimes we get too absorbed with what we need to accomplish at the moment that we forget to put our masks back on after maybe drinking or eating. Maybe we got too excited chatting with someone that we failed to notice that we’ve gone too close to the person we’re conversing with when we shouldn’t.

Or maybe we have gone too long without sanitizing our hands and we are about to touch our face or our food.

Maybe it is time we take a different approach to how we conduct health and safety protocols.

The doctors and nurses can’t put a stop to the spread of the virus on their own. The government’s bureaus can only do so much with their finite resources. The last stakeholder in the picture is the public and that is us and so we must do our part.