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The New Normal Teachers

Analyn N. Digap
Analyn N. Digap, T-3, Teacher-in-Charge, Mabangug Elementary School and Union Primary School, Cabagan, Isabela

THE following lines best describe the new normal teachers:

T-eachabnle teachers for teachable learners. Experience is the best teacher. But the question is, do teachers have ample experience to mold minds under the new normal system of education? Teachers, like their students are still adapting to the challenges of the pandemic. Thus, mentors should have ‘teachable’ characteristics.

E-training here and there, and finding signals everywhere. Teachers have to find a strong internet signal in order to conduct online trainings under the new learning modalities.

A-dapting to blended learning. Face to face classes are prohibited under the guidelines being implemented by authorities for the good of everybody. Hopefully, “Welcome Back to School” posters will fill up educational institutions by 2021.

C-ovid free, computer literacy, communication stability and cooperative community. These are the 4 Cs teachers should be observe in order to attain the objections of the Basic Education-Learning Continuity Plan or BE-LCP of schools.

Makati City Pabakuna

H-health is wealth. Teachers should stay healthy in order to best peform their multi-tasks.

E-CQ for Enhanced Communication of Quality Education. A strong internet connection is vital for all activities under online learning. These include webinars, downloading of modules, submission of reports, virtual programs and meetings, among others. However, teachers are hoping that authorities would resolve the problem of slow internet signals in remote areas and other places.

R-each one, reach all. The 1987 Constitution states that citizens have the right to quality education. Under the new learning system, everybody is a teacher. However, some parents/guardians are not capable of teaching. Thus, para teachers or volunteer teachers are allowed to help regular teachers fulfill their tasks. These volunteer teachers give their time without compensation. We should have additional teachers and mass promotion of qualifiers to better improve the quality of education.

S-stress, stress go away, don’t come in any day. All schools should have teaching personnel to assist the school head in doing reports.This is because some teachers perform duties and do their paper work even during lunch breaks, at home, at night and weekends. I hope that teachers’ request for backup will be granted to ensure their better performance.