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Valenzuela City Library Welcomes its First Public Library Day Celebration At ValACE

First Public Library Day Celebration At ValACE

In commitment to fostering learning and readership among young and old learners, the recently opened Valenzuela City Library celebrated the 64th Public Library Day conducted classes and educational festivities at the Valenzuela Academic Center for Excellence (ValACE), Barangay Malinta, last March 9, 2023.

The Valenzuela City Library celebrated its first-ever Public Library Day with the launch of ACE CLASS with Thesius Cecar Buyante entitled “Learn the Craft: Pop-up Art”, a library tour with the “Readers of the Week” from Disiplina Village Bignay National High School.

March 9 marks the annual celebration of “Public Library Day”, initially promulgated by the National Library of the Philippines in accordance with Proclamation No. 563, series of 1959 which stresses the importance of establishing public libraries as domains for disseminating knowledge and culture; bearing responsibility for improving the literacy of the community. Now that it has approached its 64th year, the theme “Investing in Public Libraries is Investing in People’s Lives” is a call for support for public libraries to enrich the quality of lives among Filipino learners.

Ever since its grand opening, an average of two thousand (2,000) library-goers— Valenzuelano teachers and students alike—were making extensive use of the city library’s premises and conference rooms to conduct their educational activities; spanning special classes, group meetings, personal study time, or simply leisure reading. On its eventful day, the city library garnered approximately four thousand (4,000) visitors to celebrate Public Library Day. The City of Valenzuela continuously encourages citizens to promote the public library as a learner-friendly space fit for all academic purposes.

First Public Library Day Celebration At ValACE

The public library is steadily built by the community from the continuous book donations of the Valenzuelanos. Posted on their official Facebook page, the Valenzuela City Library lauded the recent book donors for their significant contributions to the library. The donors expressed their personal stories with their donated books and how they concluded to share their extra resources for the community to use and appreciate.

Another event to commemorate Public Library Day was a lecture and book launch with the Philippines’ National Artist for Literature, Virgilio “Rio Alma” Almario who celebrated his birthday alongside Public Library Day.

First Public Library Day Celebration At ValACE

Last March 12, Rio Alma discussed the topic “Ang Kabuluhan ng Pagtula sa Ating Panahon” and launched his book entitled” “Mga Póon, Mga Piyón, Mga Pusóng, Isang Pusóng”. Rio Alma’s lecture tackled rectifying history and valuing Filipino culture in the current generation. Guests who also joined him in the celebration and poetry-reading were poets Michael Coroza, Jerry B. Gracio, Vim Nadera, The Makatas, and other poets from Linangan sa Imahen, Retorika, at Anyo (LIRA). Historian Xiao Chua hosted the event as the master of the ceremony. As the event concluded, a portion of the meet and greet and book signing was held for the attendees.

As promoting literacy and cultivating strong readership amongst the Valenzuelanos remain an utmost priority in the City of Valenzuela, the celebration of its first public library shall continue to inspire learners to persevere in their learning endeavors—from the present to future generations.

First Public Library Day Celebration At ValACE

The Valenzuela City Library is open to all learners nationwide from Mondays to Sundays; 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM on the first floor and 9:00 AM to 12:00 MN on the second floor, located at A. Pablo Street corner MacArthur Highway, Barangay Malinta.

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