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Your Journey Starts Here: First Steps in Trading with FBS


Trading attracts more people, but not everyone dares to step into this field. Those who do, know how crucial it is to have help and support as you’re making your first steps in trading.

Meet FBS, your friendly broker

FBS is an internationally known broker. Offering trading products and services in more than 150 countries, FBS is among Asia’s most popular broker companies.

One of the ideas that FBS promotes is that trading is accessible and can be profitable if one takes it seriously and educates oneself. Easy money is a misleading myth many come across as they take up trading. FBS does its best to debunk this myth, not to avert its customers but to inspire them.

This is the story of those who took their first steps in trading and reached their goals with FBS, a friendly broker.


It’s never too late

Piriya Attasart, 57, is an FBS trader from Thailand. For two years now, she has constantly been learning and mastering her trading skills. The efforts are paying off – Piriya has already achieved great results and is going for more. But how did it all start for her?

Piriya grasped the idea of trading with FBS when her real estate business got affected by the COVID-19 lockdown. Using FBS-provided educational materials, she learned to analyze the market and minimize risks, becoming a better trader with each new step.

Piriya’s example is inspiring. Not just because her story shows that trading is possible if you study hard to know what you’re doing. Her example also proves that trading is accessible at any age – it’s never too late to enter the market.

You can do it, too

With a proper approach and a positive mindset, there is no such thing as impossible in trading. Look at some of the most amazing FBS traders’ stories.

Muhammad Nur Salim, a trader from Indonesia, went a long way. From the start, he knew he would do his best to become a professional trader. Muhammad never stopped learning: he studied finance, monitored the Forex market changes, and analyzed previous trades, both successful and not.

Today, Mohammad is an experienced trader, still clinging to his principles: keep learning, be thoughtful and patient, and never stop evolving.


Zikri Rohmah, 32, is an FBS trader from Malaysia. At 29, Zikri, a then logistics manager, felt he had enough of the six-day grind and decided he needed a positive change for himself, his wife, and two kids.

At his friend’s advice, Zikri turned to Forex trading. After a few hours of online research, Zikri picked FBS. But trading didn’t start immediately – first, Zikri had to learn.

During lunch breaks and nights, he studied FBS educational materials, exploring the basics of Forex trading and technical analysis until he was ready to open a Micro account. The rest is history.

Zikri is a successful trader now. The loving family man spends much time with his wife and kids, working from home. “Learn and practice constantly – and the results won’t be long in coming,” says Zakri to those contemplating trading.

Somchai Pongsawat, 23, is one of the youngest FBS traders with a truly amazing story to tell. As the oldest child and the only boy in a big Thai family, Somchai had to start working when he was 12. He ended up as a delivery boy, and his life, just like Zikri’s, was a day-to-day grind with few perspectives. But Somchai had always dreamt of a better life.

By chance, he came across an FBS ad and got interested. After fiddling with a Demo account for a while, Somchai realized that trading had to be taken seriously, so he started learning. Day and night, he tested techniques, learned how to build a solid strategy, and planned everything carefully.

In March 2020, when the pandemic paralyzed the whole world, Somchai earned his first $10 000 using a Micro account. Then he opened a Standard account and went on building a better life for himself and his family.


Your journey starts here

Trading is possible if you know what you’re doing. FBS does its best to give beginner traders all the proper tools to study Forex and build their future.

It does not matter what age, gender, or race you are. It’s knowledge, persistence, devotion, and a positive goal that will inspire you should you take the very first step in a trading journey of your own. The journey that starts here.

The FBS CFD-trading platform was founded in 2009 by investors interested in trading research and technical analysis. FBS provides global markets with transparent and trusted applications for more than 27M CFD traders.

Today, FBS is an international brand present in over 150 countries. The brand unites several companies offering their clients opportunities to trade Margin FX and CFDs. The companies include FBS Markets Inc. (licensed by IFSC), Tradestone Ltd. (licensed by CySEC), Intelligent Financial Markets Pty Ltd. (licensed by ASIC), and TRADE STONE SA (PTY) LTD. (licensed by FSCA).

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