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15 new COVID cases among Pinoys abroad

THE Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) yesterday reported 15 new COVID-19 cases Filipinos abroad.

The DFA received reports in Asia and the Pacific confirming 15 new COVID-19 cases,” the DFA said in its report.

There were no reports of new recoveries and new fatalities.

Meanwhile, the DFA said there are 13 new IHR verified cases in Asia and the Pacific and Middle East and Africa.

Compared to last week’s percentages, the total number of COVID-19 recoveries saw a slight increase to 65.06%, a slight decrease in fatalities to 7.07%, while those under treatment remained at 27.87%.

The total number of confirmed COVID cases among Filipinos abroad is now 12, 891 with 3,593 undergoing treatment, 8,387 recoveries and 911 deaths in 84 countries/territories.

Publication Source :    People's Tonight