Project PinasBilis
STRATEGIZING FOR THE FUTURE. ARTA Director General Ernesto “Nes” Perez (standing) describes the Aboitiz Group as one of its reliable private sector partners in pursuing the government’s mandate of implementing the Ease of Doing Business Act.

Aboitiz Equity Ventures (AEV) Corporate External Relations, Aboitiz Foundation, Inc., and the Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA) recently concluded the post-assessment workshop of Project PinasBilis with plans to move forward with the second phase of this groundbreaking initiative.

Project PinasBilis, aimed at expediting government processes and promoting digitalization, has achieved commendable success in its first phase.

Over the course of its implementation, the project has successfully trained more than 200 officials and employees from various national and local government agencies across the Philippines. This milestone showcases the joint commitment of ARTA and Aboitiz to fostering efficient governance and improving public service delivery throughout the country.

Project PinasBilis
Fatima Mateo, Aboitiz Project Management Team Leader of Project #PinasBilis, discusses the achievement of the partnership with ARTA.

The workshop brought together the Project Management Teams of Aboitiz and ARTA to deliberate on the project’s achievements and chart a path toward reaching more government agencies in the program.

During the workshop, ARTA Director General Ernesto Perez expressed his sincere appreciation to Aboitiz Equity Ventures for their unwavering dedication and support in the drive to eliminate red tape and embrace digital innovation within the public sector. He emphasized that Aboitiz has proven to be a reliable partner, sharing the vision of a streamlined and citizen-centric government.

Discussions during the workshop focused on the valuable insights gained from the first round of Project PinasBilis and explored ways to further enhance its impact during the upcoming second phase. The collaboration between Aboitiz and ARTA has proven to be instrumental in identifying key areas for improvement and developing strategies to overcome challenges faced during the project’s implementation.

Project PinasBilis
STRATEGIZING FOR THE FUTURE. The #PinasBilis Project Management Teams of Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Aboitiz Foundation, Inc., and the Anti-Red Tape Authority conducted a post-assessment and planning workshop at the Satellite in LIMA.

The post-assessment workshop was held at the Satellite at LIMA, located in Lipa-Malvar, Batangas, a spreadquarter facility of the Aboitiz Group. The Satellite is located in LIMA Business District, a mixed-use economic zone developed by Aboitiz InfraCapital. LIMA is widely recognized and awarded for leadership in industrial-anchored mixed-use development, as well as sustainable industrial development.

As the Aboitiz Group undergoes its Great Transformation to become the Philippines’ first techglomerate, its lead in innovation has made them a partner of choice in modernizing communities.

Moving forward, the partnership between Aboitiz and ARTA remains steadfast in its commitment to promoting efficiency, transparency, and accountability in the government’s operations in compliance with the Ease of Doing Business framework. With valuable experiences gained from the successful first phase of Project PinasBilis, the Project Management Teams are eager to embark on the second round, seeking even more significant advancements in government service and digital transformation.

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