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BI excludes 242 in one-week period only

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In the midst of the allegations being hurled at the officials and employes of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) particularly those assigned to man our Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) terminals, the BI announced on Monday the exclusion of 242 foreign nationals who were suspected to be planning to illegally work in the country.

The said exclusion followed after the relief of all NAIA heads from their posts due to the alleged “pastillas” scheme.

Of the number, according to BI spokesperson Dana Sandoval, a total of 79 were excluded at NAIA 1, while 33 were excluded at NAIA 2 and 130 were excluded at NAIA 3.

The exclusions comprised of Cambodians, Vietnamese, Indonesians, Myanmars, Malaysians and Chinese. Said foreign nationals, according to the BI Chief, were intercepted from Februay 21 to February 28 only.

It was learned from to BI Intelligence Chief Fortunato Manahan, Jr. that they noticed an attempt of suspected illegal workers to use other ports of entry to come to the Philippines.

“We see this as a cause for concern. Our frontliners will heighten our efforts in screening these aliens. We are in close coordination with our foreign counterparts in ensuring that no aliens with bad records enter the country. But if they are already in the country before we receive information about their crimes, we will immediately send them out,”Manahan said.

Sandoval said the BI has vowed to expand the probe on the alleged ‘pastillas scheme’, following statements from whistle-blower Allison Chiong that the said modus reportedly continued to operate ‘until recently.”

An order had been given for all NAIA heads to be replaced and for all frontline personnel tobe reshuffled in order to break any possible collusion among them.

The said revamp affected around 800 officers while the Travel Control and Enforcement Unit (TCEU) and the Border Control and Investigation Unit (BCIU) have been placed under the control and supervision of the Intelligence Division to serve as an external check and balance to monitor airport operations.

Sandoval said the BI management has warned that those who will be proven to be part of the alleged scheme will face both administrative and criminal cases.  This, despite the fact that the BI can only recommend. Hehehh.

Regarding the Senate probe into the alleged scheme, I just note with dismay how Senator Rissa Hontiveros questioned former ports operation division chief Marc Red Marinas.  She sort of questioned Marinas’capacity to run for mayor in the last elections given his salary.

Does  Sen. Hontiveros mean that the elections are only for the moneyed? Is this the way she looks at elections in this country? I dunno but to me, what she said  just leaves a bad taste in the mouth…


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