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Cua urges LGUs to develop rivers


The surge in popularity of the recently opened Pasig River Esplanade in Manila points the way for other local government units in how to develop their rivers and other water resources for the people, Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines president and Quirino governor Dax Cua said.

“Dinadagsa ngayon ang Pasig River esplanade, at bago nito, ang esplanade sa Iloilo, at ipinapakita ng mga ito na mahalaga para sa mga kababayan natin ang pagkakaroon ng public open space,” Cua said.

Cua urged LGUs to heed the people’s clamor for more spaces that the public can access for leisure, recreation, and education.

The governor said that more than aesthetic purposes, developing rivers could help fulfill transportation and tourism needs as well as increased public appreciation for the environment.

“Our rivers are also an integral part of our identity as Filipinos. In a sense, revitalizing our rivers is also a way to reconnect with our culture and history, besides emphasizing the value of sustainable development among our communities,” Cua also said.

He also expressed hope that the Inter-Agency Council for the Pasig River Urban Development (IAC-PRUD) would share their knowledge with other LGUs across the country who wish to revitalize their rivers.

“Even at its early stage we are already optimistic that the Pasig Bigyan Buhay Muli project will be a success. I hope that the keys towards attaining this success will be shared to other LGUs, as well,” said Cua.

He also lauded the Marcos administration for spearheading the project.

“By embarking on this project, the present administration shows its commitment toward sustainable and pro-people development, and we LGUs are inspired to follow suit,” he added.

ULAP is the umbrella organization of all leagues of local government units and local government officials in country, serving as the focal representative and mouthpiece of the subnational government in all policy and program platforms to amplify our unified advocacy towards the strengthening of LGUs into able partners in nation-building.

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