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Direk Joey shares his piece about Kim

Kim Chiu
Kim Chiu

WITH regard to what happened to Kim Chiu, we want to share some valid observations that much respected writer-director Jose Javier Reyes made on Facebook about the matter. We’d like to quote Direk Joey directly: “That is the inevitable fact about being a face exposed and making a living out of the public. We are entitled to our special privileges as we are also vulnerable to the reaction of the very people who sustain our livelihood by our mere presence. Is it bullying on the part of many who ganged up on Miss Chiu for a moment of miscalculation? Perhaps. But, you see, this is the same public that sustained her career because they were interested in her, as well as her narrative and her projected market appeal. It is an occupational hazard to be a public figure because you will be loved as much as you will be mocked by the same denomination that defined your career. Do I feel bad for Kim? Very much. But that is the risk you take when you come out in public and make statements. You are affirming your presence and your vulnerability.

“Hindi maipagkakaila na sa oras na pinili mo ang isang propesiyon na maghahantad sa iyo sa publiko na maraming balakid at pagsubok na kailangang harapin. Totoong mayroon tayong mga pribilehiyong maaaring angkinin pero kapalit nito ang reaksiyon, pananagutan at paghusga ng publikong bumubuhay sa atin. Sumama ba ang loob ko sa ginawa kay Bb. Chiu? Oo naman. Pero dapat ring tanggapin na ang publikong nanglalait na ito ay ang publiko ring bumuhay sa kanyang karera bilang artistang tinitingala at hinahangaan, ang publikong napagkitaan at namuhunan rin sa tinagal ng kanyang popularidad. Iyan po ang sugal na hinaharap ng mga taong puhunan ang kanilang katauhan sa publiko: puwede kang sambahin o suklian ng panglalait at pananakit.”

How about bashers that are just reeking with so much hate in lambasting the stars?  “That is their perverted sense of pleasure. To see someone popular hurt, damaged and vulnerable. It gives the anonymous basher a sense of false empowerment. “O, kita mo na. Affected sya sa akin, ha? Si (name of celebrity) na yan, ha?”

And the more you are affected and make “patol”, the more they find it gleeful to bash you more. It’s sick but what can you do? There are really a lot of sick people who are inhabiting the internet these days.

These are words of wisdom that all celebrities should bear in mind. As Direk Joey says, it’s a gamble when you expose yourself to the public as they can either react with praise or with censure. But it all depends on what you do and what you say. So let this be a lesson to all stars: Before you open your mouth, be sure you have sorted out your thoughts well so you will be able to put across what you have in mind in a more articulate manner. Nang hindi kayo magmukhang tanga!