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Instagrammable pocket garden opened in Manila City Hall grounds

Pocket Garden
Mayor Honey Lacuna are joined by (from left) City Architect Pepito Balmoris, City Engineer Arm and Andres, City Administrator Benie Ang, Vice Mayor Yul Servo, City Electrician Randy Sadac, DTCAM Director Charlie Dungo and Councilor Numero Lim as she led in lighting up the newly-opened pocket garden in Manila City Hall. (JERRY S. TAN)

MANILA Mayor Honey Lacuna led the opening of yet another Instagrammable and promenade spot in the city.

A well-lit, modern type pocket garden was formally opened to the public and lit up by Lacuna herself at the Manila City Hall grounds near the office of the Department of Tourism, Culture and Arts of Manila (DTCAM).

Lacuna was joined by City Administrator Bernie Ang, Vice Mayor Yul Servo, City Engineer Armand Andres, City Architect Pepito Balmoris, City Electrician Randy Sadac, DTCAM Director Charlie Dungo and Councilor Numero Lim, among others, in the inauguration of the said garden.

According to the mayor, the enhancement of the periphery parks of the Manila City Hall is a project that is aimed at making these areas accessible to the general public, both visitors and those who are transacting official business inside the City Hall.

Andres said the creation of the new park ’emanates from the vision of the mayor to develop bare open areas within the periphery of the City Hall to make the area more appealing and cognizant to the image that the city is projecting.”

“Granite floor tile finishes and various ornamental and endemic plants will decorate these open spaces to make the area more relaxing and an appropriate area for people to rest in. A cascading fountain and various lights will accentuate the area,” said Andres.

Among the features of the newly-opened pocket garden are as follows: grass ground cover/lawn and decorative landscaping plants including glass fiber reinforced concrete pots; cascading type water fountain (illuminated); metal benches and solar type pole luminaires; Manila City Hall signage and free-standing logo; new enclosing steel gates and fences; glass railings for deck and stainless-steel ramp railings; customized feature lanterns and various type of luminaires for night time lighting; water supply for irrigation and construction of cistern tank; drainage system including provision of area drains, swale drains and trench drains with stainless steel cover and lighted step planting and walk over luminaires.

Located at the corner of Taft Avenue and Natividad Lopez Street and the area at the corner of Antonio Villegas Street and Natividad Lopez Street, the garden measures 1,877 square meters and also features floor tiles of various types, patterns and sizes.

Itchie G. Cabayan
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