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Mythological 4x strategy game returns as GODSOME: Gods Will Clash; available now in Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, and Türkiye

Godsome Gods will clash

Players can unleash the power of the gods with renovated graphics, new game modes and expanded lore

SEOUL – March 28, 2024 – Mobile 4X strategy game fans in Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, and Türkiye can now join the war of gods as GODSOME: Gods Will Clash launches on both Google Play and the App Store. A continuation of legendary developer NEXON Games’ GODSOME: Clash of Gods, the real-time strategy game introduces a world of features, including renovated graphics, challenging game modes and new, immersive lore.

Players who join the fight can use their own strategy to conquer vast continents along with mighty gods:

  • Use the ability of God to protect Aria – You are omnipotent. Use the God Hand to rescue Aria from danger.
  • Build your own territory on the vast continents – There are abundant resources and diverse strategic points in the vast continent. Be the first to claim a good location and develop your own territory.
  • Develop your Sacred Land and witness its transformation throughout the ages – Upgrade the buildings in your Sacred Land to advance to new eras and see how it evolves.
  • Form a powerful alliance and achieve victory in war – Cooperation with other alliances is crucial to win. Work with other friendly alliances to win large-scale battles.
  • Win real-time battles with your own unique strategy – Build your own strategy to set yourself up for success and prevail victorious.
  • Collect a variety of gods and upgrade their abilities – Grow your gods and combine them to get optimal skill synergy and combat buffs.

Besides offering in-game language support in 13 languages, including Portuguese, Spanish, Thai and Turkish, GODSOME has revamped its user interface, mechanics, and overall gameplay, enhancing the gaming experience not only for classic 4X strategy gamers, but for casual players as well.

GODSOME can now be downloaded via Google Play and the App Store in Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand, and Türkiye, with plans to launch in other regions soon.

About GODSOME: Gods Will Clash

GODSOME: Gods Will Clash is a new 4X Strategy mobile game developed by Nexon Games. It offers a variety of modes from the early stages of the game, as well as classic 4x strategy gameplay thereafter. Players can build their own cities, collect characters based on Gods from different mythologies, form powerful alliances, and engage in massive, real-time battles in order to conquer the vast continent.

GODSOME: Gods Will Clash is available to download here.

Website: http://godsome.nexon.com/

Forum: https://forum.nexon.com/godsome

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/godsomeofficial

Discord: https://discord.gg/godsome

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@godsome

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