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KartRider: Drift races among the stars in latest update “Northeu”

KartRider Drift Northeu

Players can race in space with brand-new tracks and items, and “kick it” with BLACKPINK

KartRider: Drift, the ultimate free-to-play, online cross-platform kart racing game, beckons players to explore the outer reaches of the universe with the game’s new update, Northeu. The out-of-this-world update features cosmic content and sees BLACKPINK cruising back onto the tracks.

Players can go intergalactic with KartRider: Drift’s Northeu update and join the race with aliens Taki and Erini in 10 new tracks that will leave racers breathless:

  • Cosmoway
  • Perilous Shortcuts
  • Orbital Highway
  • Hoppin’ and Jumpin’
  • Far Out Planet
  • Spaceport Launchpad
  • Express
  • Space Station X
  • Sky Way
  • Space 101

Additionally, welcome back BLACKPINK’S JISOO, JENNIE, ROSÉ, and LISA who are jettisoning into the game with brand-new costumes, stickers, and the Pink Venom Monster all available in the Item Shop.

Also available in the Item Shop are a variety of characters and items, including:

  • Northeu Erini
  • Infecter
  • Starburst
  • Starburst License Plate
  • Green Star Balloon

In addition, players can visit the Personal Shop where they will see a customized shop just for them. Available items that were sold previously appear randomly and can be purchased with Mileage or K-COIN. Plus, there is still time for players to complete the Racing Pass to earn rewards and Trophies. Racers can exchange Trophies for a Racing Box containing items from the previous Racing Pass including the Mechalion, Studious Airi, Mecharabbit and Mecharabbit Miso.

KartRider: Drift has revamped many contents and features; players can read about the changes here, which include 11 new skills for characters, including BLACKPINK.

KartRider: Drift is available to download and play for free on all major gaming platforms, including Xbox and PlayStation consoles, PC (Steam, Nexon Launcher), iOS and Android mobile devices.

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