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Blue Archive boosts spirits with new student, Kotori; Kivotos Halo Festival returns


  • Players will discover a new side of Kotori as she cheers for field day.
  • Fan-favorite event stories and student recruitments related to the Kivotos Halo Festival will return.
  • Nexon opened a Kivotos Halo Festival Broadcast Page helpful for finding more information, including details on major updates.

SEOUL – Popular RPG Blue Archive is opening its doors to a peppy new student, Kotori (Cheer Squad), just in time for the return of one of the game’s biggest events, Kivotos Halo Festival. Players will have a field day at the lively sporting extravaganza as a roster of students from various schools across Blue Archive’s bustling academy city will be brought together in this blowout event.

Kivotos Halo Festival expands the ever-evolving world of NEXON Korea’s Blue Archive with a field day that unites the popular tactical RPG’s cast of colorful characters. Players assume the identity of Sensei, a wise instructor, to lead students as they defeat adversaries that pose unexpected setbacks to launch the sporting event in time. As the story continues, players meet new students with unique abilities that they can recruit into battle. Blue Archive’s gameplay seamlessly combines strategic planning and real-time action into an emotional, immersive journey.

Kotori (Cheer Squad) is a Striker from Millennium Science School’s Engineering Department and will be available until Thursday, March 21 at 1:59 a.m. (UTC). Her EX Skill deals powerful damage in a fan-shaped area proportional to her ATK. By her side is fan-favorite Haruna (Track), who will be available for recruitment starting on Thursday, March 21 (UTC). A Sonic-type Special student from Gehenna Academy’s Gourmet Research Society, Haruna’s EX Skill can move four allies in a circular area and restore their HP proportional to her healing.

The event stories “On Your Mark @ Millennium” and “Get Set, Go!” will also make their return alongside Kivotos Halo Festival. Hibiki (Cheer Squad) and Hasumi (Track) will be gifted upon completion of the first stages of each event story. Additionally, students Noa and Utaha (Cheer Squad) will be available for recruitment until Thursday, March 21 at 1:59 a.m. (UTC), while Yuuka (Track) and Mari (Track) will be available for recruitment until

Tuesday, April 2 at 1:59 a.m. (UTC), to allow players to fully immerse themselves in the stories of the Kivotos Halo Festival.

Nexon has also opened the Kivotos Halo Festival Broadcast Page, an event page where players can check for important news and academies to look for. A poll event will be available on the official YouTube page until Monday, April 1, where players can vote for each event’s winning student and obtain 200 Pyroxenes per event. For a closer look at players’ favorite students, introductions and interview videos will also be available.

Two mini games will also be available. “Running Fast! Kivotos-Style Training” is a game where Sensei helps Sumire and Shiroko train their running ability, with their final score based on the amount of energy drinks they collect. “Spike It! Kivotos Volleyball Tournament” will be added on Wednesday, March 20 (UTC), which allows players to enjoy a volleyball game while playing as students such as Yuuka, Mari, and Hasumi.

Players can download Blue Archive for free on Google Play, App Store and Galaxy Store. For more information about Blue Archive, players can visit the official communities and the links below:

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  • Kivotos Halo Festival Broadcast Page: [LINK]
  • Blue Archive Official Webpage: [LINK]
  • Blue Archive Official Forum: [LINK]
  • Blue Archive Official Discord: [LINK]
  • Blue Archive Official Twitter: [LINK]
  • Blue Archive Official Facebook: [LINK]

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