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How to Make the Most of 1Win Casino’s Exclusive Bonuses

1win is a popular online gaming platform. It offers sports betting and online casino games. The casino also has numerous amazing bonuses. It offers lots of rewards to new players and regular members. Its aim is to ensure players have a great time. Bonuses are designed to improve your gaming experience and winning chances. However, you must effectively utilize the available bonuses.

There are several ways to utilize casino bonuses with the 1Win apk. Firstly, you must understand the type of bonus and its requirements. In this article, we will talk about how to utilize 1win’s exclusive bonus.

Tips for Maximizing 1win Bonuses

1win offers a lot of amazing bonuses. Navigating through all of it can be a struggle for new players. In most cases players struggle to make the most of available bonuses. Players in the Philippines can follow these tips to maximize the bonuses.

Understand the types of Bonuses

Increase Bonus

1win Casino offers different types of bonuses. Examples include welcome bonuses, free spins and many more. Since you can only go for one bonus at a time it is best that you understand each of them properly. Know which is applicable to your situation and go for it. The available bonuses include:

Welcome Bonus

Welcome Bonus

This bonus is designed to draw in new players. It is the first bonus that a new player gets a shot at. It can come in different forms such as a no-deposit bonus. This is where you receive cash or free spins after signing up. It can also come as a match bonus. This is when the casino matches a percentage of your first deposit.

Free Spins

Spins are used on slot machines. Fortunately, 1win offers them for free as a part of their welcome bonus as well as a standalone bonus as you play.

Deposit Bonus

You need to make a deposit for this bonus. They can also come as a welcome bonus. 1win provides deposit bonuses as a recurring promotion for existing players. It also comes as a welcome package. The bonus is usually a percentage of your deposit.

Loyalty Bonuses

These bonuses are directed to players that are loyal to the casino overtime. They can come in various forms. Common ways include free spins, cashback on losses or exclusive promotions and events. The more you play at 1win the more the rewards.

Go through the terms and conditions

The terms and conditions outline the rules and requirements you must follow to claim or withdraw your bonus winnings. Each bonus has their terms and conditions. It can include wagering requirements. The bonus may also not be applicable to some games. And there may be a maximum bet limit and expiry date. Ensure you read the terms and conditions of a bonus. It will help you utilize the bonus. Visit the 1win site to check the terms and conditions.

Be strategic

Ensure you use the bonuses wisely. A good example will be to use your no-deposit bonus on a game you are good at. Since you have a better chance of winning. It may also be best to use free spins on high paying slot machines. This will help maximize your chances of winning.

Participate in promotions

Besides regular bonuses, you can also take advantage of 1win’s promotions and special offers. These usually include cashback offers, where you receive a percentage of your loss. Or reload bonuses which are offered on subsequent deposits. 1win also regularly holds tournaments where you can compete for prizes without risking any personal money. In some cases, the tournament entries are free.

Manage Bankroll wisely

Managing your bankroll is another way to utilize the casino bonuses. It is also helpful to set a budget. Do not get carried away by when you lose or win. Managing your money will improve your chances of winning. It will also reduce your risk of losing.

Utilizing 1win’s Bonus Code

New players at 1win can get up to 183,200 PHP when they open a new account and use the bonus code. Making use of the bonus code is another way to maximize the casino’s bonuses. The promo code is “NEWBONUS”. By typing in this code, players can get a 500% bonus.

Simply type in the promo code when you are asked after signing up.


1win casino bonuses are a useful tool to increase your winnings. They also help extend your playtime. However, it is important that you utilize it. Follow the tips listed in the article to better utilize the bonuses. Also remember to pay attention to bonus codes and use them when necessary.

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