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One Nation, United and Undivided


Statement from the Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines (ULAP)

The Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines (ULAP), representing the collective interests of local government units and officials across the nation, steadfastly champions the principle of “One Nation, United, Undivided.” Our commitment is to foster unity and progress for all Filipinos, recognizing that our strength lies in our solidarity as an indivisible country.

ULAP underscores the importance of maintaining the integrity of the Philippines’ national territory while recognizing and celebrating our diverse local and regional identities. We believe that the entire nation, including Mindanao, with its abundant resources and untapped potential, can flourish through cooperative and collective efforts.

ULAP calls upon national and local governments, community groups, and civil society organizations to collaborate towards inclusive and sustainable development across the Philippines. We advocate for the active participation and empowerment of local communities, ensuring that their voices contribute to the national dialogue and their needs are effectively addressed.

To realize these aspirations, ULAP supports prioritizing investments in key sectors such as infrastructure, education, healthcare, social protection, technology, and livelihood development. This strategic approach is designed to create jobs, improve living standards, and enhance the overall quality of life for the Filipino people.

Through our united efforts in building a thriving and inclusive nation, we are committed to shaping a brighter and more prosperous future for all regions of the Philippines, reinforcing our core belief in being “One Nation, United, Undivided.”

Dax Cua




Governor Dax Cua
ULAP National President

ULAP is the umbrella organization of all leagues of local government units and local government officials in country, serving as the focal representative and mouthpiece of the subnational government in all policy and program platforms to amplify our unified advocacy towards the strengthening of LGUs into able partners in nation-building.

Learn more at www.ulap.net.ph.

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