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Roque dares Guanzon to bare senator’s name

Harry Roque

UniTeam senatorial aspirant Harry Roque today challenged retired Commission on Elections Commissioner Rowena Guanzon to identify the senator who supposedly tried to influence her decision on the disqualification case against presidential candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr.

“Commissioner Guanzon must name the senator whom she alleged to have exerted undue influence vis-à-vis the case against Apo BBM,” Roque said. “It would be unfair to other sitting senators who might become subject to unfounded accusation or ridicule.”

Roque said the commissioner should have screamed at the senator right off the bat because influence peddling is against propriety.

Roque, who was Guanzon’s colleague at the UP College of Law, said the commissioner be influenced so easily.

“The commissioner should make the identity of that senator public. Deep in her heart, she knows that nothing or no one can force their will on her when she is deciding on a case,” Roque said.

At the same time, Roque believes that Marcos will remain a presidential candidate under the heavy constitutional presumption that it is his right to run for an elective post.

He stressed that every citizen must be allowed to exercise the right to vote and be voted upon in an election.

“The people will be the ultimate judge in the May 2022 elections. Let us allow the electorate to decide whether Apo BBM is the best person to become the 17th president of the Philippines,” he also said.

With the recent turn of events at Comelec, Roque said he expects the poll body to follow judicial consistency, which means the 1st Division will be consistent in dismissing the petition to disqualify Marcos.

In the end, the people are the ultimate judge of Marcos’ expedience for the presidency because “Filipinos can only resolve this political question in their sovereign capacity.” Roque said.


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