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3 Chinese POGO workers nabbed over fake passports

Chinese POGO workers
The 3 POGO workers. Photo by GEMI FORMARAN

LUCENA CITY— National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) agents on Thursday arrested three Chinese nationals during an entrapment operation for allegedly using fake Phippine passports.

Chief Agent Dominador Villanueva of NBI- Quezon said the suspects were collared inside the Consular Office of the Department of Foreign Affairs at the 3rd Floor of Pacific Mall in this city.

Villanueva identified the two Chinese national applicants as Jiewu Pan alias Jackson Jose Pan and Cuin Lian alias Fanny Diwa Laceda, both natives of Hookien, China and temporarily residing at Green Park Village in this city.

During investigation at the NBI office, Villanueva said the duo told Special Investigator Raul Tepace that they are POGO workers.

The third suspect was identified as Su Chao Yu, alias Jacky Su, the alleged facilitator of the two applicants.

Prior to the arrest, Tepace said that on November 22, 2019 at around 7 p.m., Su approached Danilo Tabi, security guard of the consular office asking if he knew someone who can provide Philipppine passports to his Chinese friends and offered P100,000 to P400,000.

Tepace said Su asked for Tabi’s cellular phone number and called him hours later soliciting his assistance in finding someone from the consular office who could facilitate the acquisition of a fake passport to his friend, referring to Alex Yap ‘y Sanches, in exchange for the said amount.

He said Su that ten more Chinese nationals will also apply for passports once the application of Yap is granted.

“But Tabi who is an honest guard immediately reported the incident to his superiors in the consular office and the latter quickly coordinated with our office for the possible conduct of entrapment operation”, said Tepace.

To trap the would be applicants, Tepace said the consular office issued a passport to Yap and the latter paid P400,000 which the office turned over to the NBI office.

As to the case of Jiewu Pan and Cuin Lian, Tepace said both of them paid P200,000 each as advance payment.

While submitting falsified documents to the consular office yesterday, Tepace said they immediately accosted the suspects.

Villanueva said Yap will also be charged along with the trio with violations of Passport Act, falsification of private individuals using falsified documents and corruption of public officials.

Publication Source :    People's Tonight