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KartRider Rush+ releases a tsunami of content with Season 23 update “Abyss”

S23 Abyss

Players can dive into the depths and blaze a trail in their opponents’ wake in this new wave-riding season

SEOUL – Dec. 21, 2023 – Nexon’s high-octane mobile racing game KartRider Rush+ beckons players to explore an underwater civilization in the mysterious Season 23 update, “Abyss.” Thrill-seekers can take the helm with the latest ocean racers Poseidon Bazzi and Mermaid Ms. Mani on heart-pounding circuits, including “Into the Sea” and “Coastal Cruise,” and gear up for lightning-fast fun in the latest highlight karts, “Cronos Air and Cronos Emperor.”

In KartRider Rush+, players find themselves behind the wheel of unique, turbo-charged go-karts and race through a variety of imaginative tracks filled with thrilling twists and turns. For the rookie or seasoned racing pro, KartRider Rush+ offers a pit stop for every player with an array of game modes and a delightful cast of characters to keep drivers in the fast lane. The frenetic game’s vibrant graphics and easy-to-pick-up gameplay deliver endless fun and excitement to the mobile racing scene.

Players who join the race will experience:

  • Thrilling “Abyss” Themed Additions – Racers will surf towards victory with new karts “Hydra” and “Ocean Burst,” race through underwater streets on “Into the Sea” and “Coastal Cruise,” which will be updated over time, and join forces with new racers Poseidon Bazzi, Mermaid Ms. Mani and more.
  • Powerful Highlight Karts – The Season 23 legendary kart “Cronos” reigns supreme, wielding the turbulent power of the ocean. Players can purchase the kart in the Cronos Center and choose their favorite of two colorways: “Cronos Air” and “Cronos Emperor.”
  • Quality-Of-Life Improvements – In this seafaring season, racers now have the ability to gauge their draft angle on-screen, allowing for precise tuning in Speed Races. The Appraisal Manual feature has also been added, giving players an intuitive way to view which set item configurations are available for their appraisals. Finally, Fortitude Chests have been revamped, and rewards like Batteries and Super Cupcakes can be earned based on the total number of times a player opens the chest.
  • Celebratory Events – In celebration of the 23rd season, Nexon is giving out rewards such as “Lanternfish Headgear (Perm)” and “Lanternfish Balloon” until Sunday, Dec. 31 to players who log in and play KartRider Rush+ ranked races. Players can also obtain Nitro Piece Puzzles upon completing Daily and Weekly Quests until Friday, Dec. 29, which can be exchanged for a “Lunar Bolt (Perm),” Turbo Crystals and more. Additionally, Nexon is gifting Jellyfish Shards to racers who log in and play Ranked Mode and Multiplayer Races from Friday, Jan. 5 to Sunday, Feb. 4. Jellyfish Shards can then be traded for K-Coins, Jellyfish Hair, and Jellyfish Outfits for both male and female characters.

Players around the world can download KartRider Rush+ for free on Android and iOS.

More information on KartRider Rush+’s “Abyss” season is available below:

  • Official KartRider Rush+ Website: [LINK]
  • Season 23 “Abyss” Trailer: [LINK]

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