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MORE POWER Critic Unmasked

More Power

Koalisyon Bantay Kuryente (KBK) president Halley Alcarde has questioned the real intention and motives of Jose Allen Aquino who presented himself as a member of their group and attacked MORE Electric and Power Corporation in Iloilo City.

It can be recalled that Panay Electric Company (PECO) came out with a fake news against the new distribution utility using Aquino, who is a former PECO employee and who identified himself as the convenor of consumer group Koalisyon Bantay Kuryente but it was later learned that he is not a member of the group.

According to Alcarde, Aquino was a former employee of PECO who resigned because he did not like the way the company was managed and even denounced PECO numerous times.

Aquino also created the Power Service Cooperative (PSC) later on and attempted to get a contract from More Power but it was not approved.

It can be seen in the Facebook page of PSC that the description of the group is a service cooperative whose founding members are former PECO employees including Aquino.

The FB page of PSC also show the photos of PSC’s product presentation to More Power last September 17, 2019.

“Because MORE Power did not accept his proposal, Mr. Aquino conspired with PECO to confuse and deceive the power consumers of Iloilo,” said Alcalde.

Officials of KBK earlier reacted and rallied against Aquino for using the group during the recent virtual conference of PECO wherein Aquino narrated that he will file a manifestation with Energy Regulatory Commission(ERC) to ask for a refund due to the alleged excess systems loss charges of More Power.

In an official statement signed by KBK president Harley Alcarde, the group is readying cases to be filed against Aquino for using the consumer group while they have also written the ERC to clarify that it is not the sentiment of their thousands of members the allegations of Aquino against More Power and that Aquino is not connected to or a member of their group.

KBK, registered with Securities and Exchange Commission, is a power consumer group in Iloilo City which is a coalition of different groups, including members of the Church, transport group, teacher and parents association.

It was also learned that Aquino ran for city councilor of Iloilo thrice but failed to win every time.