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PERA HUB, the Philippines’ foremost consumer financial services center, was recognized by the Asian Banking and Finance Retail Banking Awards with the Fintech Digital Innovation of the Year – Philippines award for its digital efforts to make more financial services accessible to many Filipinos nationwide.

For 25 years, PERA HUB has been bringing relevant remittance and cash-related transaction services to Filipinos through its over 3,000 locations nationwide. With the growing demand for digitized financial services, PERA HUB expanded its reach through the PERA HUB Digital Remittance Platform and PERA HUB Mobile App.

In 2021, PERA HUB introduced its Digital Remittance Platform (DRP), Southeast Asia’s single aggregated application programming interface (API) remittance platform that allows businesses to connect to a network of remittance companies; retail and over-the-counter partners; major Philippine banks; wallets; and, fintech.

The PERA HUB DRP was recognized by the Asian Technology Excellence Awards and received the Philippines Technology Excellence Award for Fintech – Remittance in 2022.

This year, the company launched its enhanced PERA HUB Mobile App which aims to enable users to experience a faster and easier way to handle their remittances and other cash-related transactions with the introduction of the PERA HUB Virtual Card, which paves the way for faster digital onboarding.

“At PERA HUB, we see that embracing the innovation of digital financial services guides us toward serving real value to our customers and partner communities. We are grateful to be recognized through our digital efforts as we bridge the gaps in the current remittance landscape with new solutions,” PETNET President and CEO Ian T. Ocampo said.

“As an emerging remittance and financial services provider, this recognition is a testament to our efforts and goal to create an impact – not just in the fintech and digital space, but most importantly, to the communities we serve,” PETNET Senior Assistant Vice President for Digital Business Bryan Makasiar said.

The Asian Banking and Finance Retail Banking Awards is an annual awards program that recognizes outstanding banks and financial institutions with innovative and retail products, services, and strategies.

PERA HUB continues to build up its foray of services such as remittance services, cash-out transactions, loans, microinsurance, and other complementary services. It has also been expanding the availability and accessibility of its products and services through its counters and digital channels to further promote financial inclusion to its customers nationwide.


PERA HUB is the Philippines’ foremost consumer financial services center with over 3,000 locations nationwide which provides its customers with a comprehensive scope of reliable financial services in one location. PERA HUB, a retail network of PETNET, is composed of company-owned and sub-agent branches nationwide.

PERA HUB is geared towards providing complementary products such as remittance, cash in and cashout services, loans, money changing, bills payment, airline ticketing, e-loading, micro-insurance and other cash and payment related solutions to its growing market.

It also has the PERA HUB App and PERA HUB Visa Prepaid card which allows users to send and receive Western Union remittances, pay bills and buy prepaid loads on mobile. Further leveraging on new technologies available, PERA HUB launched the award-winning PERA HUB Digital Remittance Platform (DRP), Southeast Asia’s first API Developer portal and digital platform to empower the next generation of fintech solutions.

For cash and payment-related solutions, visit PERA HUB branches nationwide. The PERA HUB App is available for download in Google Play and App Store. For more information: visit Sign up for free and get early access to PERA HUB’s Developer Portal and PERA HUB’s API system.


PETNET is geared towards providing financial services to consumers and businesses. Initially established to grow the network of Western Union in the Philippines, the company grew its portfolio and embarked on a massive branch and service offering expansion program.

In 2018, Aboitiz Equity Ventures (AEV) sold its 51% stake in PETNET, Inc. (PETNET) to City Savings Bank (CSB) and Union Properties, Inc. (UPI), in line with the direction of the Aboitiz Group to consolidate all its financial services under one entity, Union Bank. CSB and UPI are subsidiaries of Union Bank.

This strategy facilitates closer collaboration among the Group’s banking and financial service units and leverages synergies towards business optimization. Today, the company continues to commit itself to scale up the business to further provide relevant services to its customers.

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