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Regional School Press Conference 2024 in BWIS: Empowering Young Filipino Journalists

Bantay West Integrated School in Ilocos Sur is abuzz with energy as it hosts the much-anticipated Regional School Press Conference (RSPC) 2024 serving the Schools Division of San Fernando City. Welcoming delegates from various schools, the event kicked off with a vibrant program featuring distinguished speakers and engaging activities, embodying the spirit of journalism and advocacy in the Filipino youth.

The day commenced with a solemn rendition of the National Anthem led by Mrs. Judith Viorge, Teacher III, followed by a heartfelt prayer by Mrs. Mary Rose Perilla, also a Teacher III at the school. Mr. Mark Lovis Galanga, Teacher I, then led the assembly in singing the Ilocos Sur Hymn, infusing the gathering with local pride.


Mrs. Benilda R. Canonizado, School Principal IV of Bantay West Integrated School, extended a warm welcome to all attendees, setting the tone for the inclusive and collaborative atmosphere of the conference. To break the ice, selected learners from BWIS showcased their talents through an intermission number, adding a touch of creativity and entertainment to the proceedings.

In a powerful display of support, Honorable Jeremias Singson, Governor of Ilocos Sur, conveyed an inspiring message to the delegates through a video message, emphasizing the vital role of youth in shaping the future of journalism and societal discourse.

Following this, Mrs. Margie R. Garcia, Master Teacher II, outlined the house rules, ensuring a smooth and organized flow of activities throughout the event. Dr. Joel B. Lopez, CESO V, Schools Division Superintendent of SDO Ilocos Sur, and Dr. Diosdado Cayabyab, Schools Division Superintendent of SDO San Fernando City, conveyed their messages of encouragement and support through video messages, highlighting the collaborative effort among educational institutions in fostering journalistic excellence among the youth.


As a token of appreciation, officials from SDO San Fernando City were honored during the program, further reinforcing the spirit of cooperation and partnership in the pursuit of educational goals.

Mr. Forest Luke Navarro, Junior High School Teacher, and Mrs. Ma. Roysa Paz, Teacher III, skillfully steered the program as masters of ceremony, ensuring that the event proceeded smoothly and seamlessly, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.

With the RSPC 2024 in full swing, young Filipino journalists are poised to hone their skills, amplify their voices, and contribute meaningfully to the vibrant landscape of media and advocacy in the Philippines.

As the conference unfolds over the next few days, it promises to be an enriching experience, empowering the next generation of journalists to make a positive impact in their communities and beyond.

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