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SEARCA photo contest spotlights restoring agri environments for climate resilience

17th SEARCA Photo Contest 2023

The Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA) calls on photographers from Southeast Asia, including the Philippines, to join the 17th SEARCA Photo Contest themed “Regenerating agri-ecosystems, lowering global boiling.”

SEARCA Director Dr. Glenn Gregorio said the competition draws inspiration from the words of United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Antonio Guterres who declared, “we are past the era of global warming, and we are now experiencing global boiling.” This declaration, issued on 21 July 2023, strongly underscores the gravity of the climate crisis.

Gregorio elaborated, saying, “‘Global boiling’ serves as a metaphorical depiction of the escalating climate crisis, and it resonates with SEARCA’s pivotal mission to confront the urgent challenge of climate change and its effects on agriculture.”

He said SEARCA is on the lookout for photos showcasing agricultural technologies and practices that combat climate change and alleviate the strain on natural resources.

“These images may feature farming methods that support recycling, waste reduction, and a minimal carbon footprint. Moreover, they could highlight sustainable approaches promoting water conservation, soil enhancement, reduced postharvest losses or the use of renewable energy,“ Gregorio explained.

SEARCA encourages submissions that capture farmers, farming families, researchers, inventors, students, and youth actively engaging with these technologies and practices in the field. The photographic subjects may include a wide range of agricultural activities, including crop cultivation, livestock management, and fisheries.

The competition is open to both seasoned and amateur photographers, who may submit an unlimited number of photo entries as long as they comply with the specified contest guidelines.

All photo submissions must be original, unaltered, unpublished in any prior competition, and free from digital enhancements.

“We invite passionate photographers to take this chance to demonstrate the potency of visual storytelling in tackling the worldwide issue of climate change,” Gregorio said.

Cash rewards await the champions, with USD1,000 awarded for the first prize, USD800 for the second prize, and USD500 for the third prize. Moreover, special accolades include the SEARCA Director’s Choice and the Philippine Department of Education Secretary’s Choice, with each recipient receiving USD500. The winner of the People’s Choice Award, determined through Facebook voting, will receive USD400.

All submissions must be uploaded to the SEARCA Photo Contest website by 30 November 2023.

Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture